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Hailey Bieber launches her own cosmetics line – meet Rhode!


Hailey Bieber’s cosmetics collection was one of the most anticipated launches of this year. No wonder, since the model’s beautiful skin is the envy of many women. So they want to find out how she does it.

There are only three cosmetics in the Hailey Bieber cosmetics collection so far. The line is based on essential and universal items needed for grooming. The Rhode collection is kept in a very minimalist style and is sparing in the number of products.

The first of the cosmetics is the Peptide Glazing Fluid, which is a gel hydrating and replenishing serum. The model claims it’s what gives her skin its glow. Another product is Barrier Resorte Cream, which is a barrier face cream with a rich formulation. Despite the high number of nutrients, the cream has a lightweight formula. The last cosmetic is Peptide Lip Treatment, which is a glossy balm in various flavors. 

main photo: Langevin

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