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Dopamine in fashion? Check out what the latest trend is all about!


Dopamine fashion is the unrivaled phenomenon of 2022. It is the answer to the flood of bad news coming from everywhere. Vivid colors and surprising combinations are what will reign in fashion for the next few months.

What is dopamine fashion?

Dopamine fashion is a kind of trend based mainly on vivid and intense colors. In this case, of course, black and gray fall out. Data says that it is the vibrant colors that are the favorites in the closet of most women. Gloomy weather, as well as moods that have recently been increasingly overwhelming us, is a motivation to create cheerful and bold styles. In the nearest future the most fashionable colors will be fuchsia and electric blue. It is also worth paying attention to rainbow-colored dresses.

Dopamine in fashion also means bold and unusual combinations in styling. Women are starting to reach for clothes in which they can boldly go to a party, even if only to a nearby store. Tulle skirts, sequined pants and dresses with feather embellishments are becoming popular.

Dopamine has taken over the catwalks of world famous designers!

Last year, leading designers were not indifferent to what clothes we want to wear. They turned to colorful and bold styles. Fashion houses such as Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent are perfect examples. These designers have so far relied on black. Now, the catwalks are dominated by vibrant colors combined with unusual cuts.

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