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Scandi waves are this season’s new trend – check out how to make them yourself

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Scandi waves are this season’s new trend – check out how to make them yourself

Scandi waves are a soft and natural hairstyle that has been popular for several seasons. You’ve probably heard more than once about the iconic beach waves, which are taken from the relaxed surfer style. This season it is an absolute hit. If you are dreaming of such a hairstyle, be sure to read this article. In it we explain how to make scandi waves yourself. 

How do the perfect scandi waves look like?

Scandi waves are natural waves that look like they are laid by the wind. They are associated with beach style, because which of us doesn’t have waves after coming out of the sea? They are not as perfect and equally twisted spirals as those we get from using curling irons or papillotes. You don’t have to be a master of the surfboard to have scandi waves. This is a hairstyle you can do at home, no matter how long your hair is or what color it is. Thin hair owners may be interested in it, as the beach waves will add volume and bounce your hair from the roots. 

Scandi waves at home

A significant role in the performance of beach waves is played by salt water. Not all of us live on the coast, of course. Most women do not have access to sea water on hand. Fortunately, you can get sea salt spray in stores and pharmacies! With its help you can easily make scandi waves.

The way to make scandi waves – braiding snails.

One of the ways to make scandi waves is the so-called braiding of snails. How to do it?

  1. Spray your hair with sea salt. Do it so that it is slightly damp, not dripping with water. 
  2. Separate your hair into 4 strands. Then braid them into snails, that is, twist each strand around its axis. This should resemble a snail.
  3. Secure the snails with a rubber band or hairpin.
  4. Allow the hair to dry. You can help this process with a hair dryer. 
  5. When the hair is dry, untangle the snails. You should get soft, shapely waves. Brush them out with your fingers.
  6. You can protect the whole thing with hairspray.

Remember to protect your hair from the sun!

Protecting your hair from the sun is a must if you don’t want to face hair loss and weakening. Exposure of hair to strong radiation is associated with deviation of hair scales and destruction of its cortex. The effects of this are brittleness and dryness. If you don’t take care of proper protection, your hair may lose its elasticity, softness and shine after summer. The sun also has a negative effect on the roots, and can contribute to hair loss. In addition, if you don’t use proper protective measures, your hair color can fade. There are hair cosmetics available in drugstores that contain a UV filter. For example, these are special mists and oils.

main photo: unsplash.com/Becca Tapert

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