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BB, CC, DD or maybe EE? We tell you the difference between these creams

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BB, CC, DD or maybe EE? We tell you the difference between these creams
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Daily skin care is very important in maintaining a healthy complexion. To moisturize it, many creams with different effects are used. Check which cosmetic will be right for you!

Currently on the market we can find as many as six different creams that have specific actions, adapted to specific skin types. Each of them has a designation, such as BB, CC, DD or EE, so that it is not difficult to distinguish them from each other. What type of cream is right for you? Find out the properties of each of these cosmetics and choose the product for you!

AA cream and its properties

AA is short for Anti-Aging, which simply means anti-aging cream. It is a moisturizing product with anti-wrinkle properties. It does not contain any colored pigments. The mark has been reserved by Oceanic (AA face cream brand).

All Purpose BB Cream

The BB designation stands for Beauty Balm. It is a great combination of moisturizing together with the properties of a foundation. BB face cream helps to hide minor imperfections and visibly evens out the skin tone. This type of cosmetics may also contain various C vitamins, UV filters and even hyaluronic acid.

This type of care is recommended mainly for young people. The formula of BB creams is light and has mattifying properties. It is a perfect product for everyday use for women who do not like heavy, strongly covering foundations

CC cream – beauty and hydration

CC stands for Color Control. The main task of this cream is to correct the skin tone. This type of cosmetic is used to gently hide imperfections by combining the properties of a moisturizer, foundation and concealer

CC formula is much lighter for the skin than BB cream, but it contains much more pigment in its composition. When used as part of your daily skincare routine, it also reduces the appearance of redness on your face while subtly evening out your skin tone. It should be used by people struggling with hyperpigmentation, capillaries or acne-prone skin.

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DD cream for mature skin

DD stands for Daily Defense and is a combination of the properties found in BB and CC creams. In addition to them, it also has ingredients that have a positive effect on brightening the complexion, and also has an anti-wrinkle effect.

Usually in their composition there is also a UV filter, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. DD moisturizing cream is designed for the daily skin care of mature women.

EE complex cream for demanding women

The EE designation is an abbreviation for Extra Exfoliating. It is a multi-tasking face cream that has skincare, mattifying and opaque properties. EE creams usually contain ingredients in their formula, such as bamboo powder or even the highly prized seaweed extract. These are face creams that have far more skincare-influencing properties than the most commonly used BB creams

It is an ideal cream for everyday use for women who care about proper care of their skin and at the same time it is important for them to hide imperfections. It is also worth using the EE cream in the case of oily and combination skin.

New products on the market

Two new types of face cream are also starting to enter the Polish market, namely FF cream and GG cream. FF cream belongs to the offer of only some companies, and its action is based on concealing fatigue and proper face care. It is a combination of a primer, a moisturizer and a cream that reduces visible wrinkles.

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