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Fringe – what are the types and how to cut it yourself?

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Fringe – what are the types and how to cut it yourself?

Despite the constant changes in hairstyle trends, the fringe is always on trend. It comes in different versions and lengths, but is still back in fashion. A well-chosen and cut fringe will give your hairstyle a new style and make you more confident. Check out the different types of bangs and how you can do it yourself at home!

Types of bangs

1. The curtain fringe

This is the type of fringe that reigns supreme among most women. Celebrities and influencers love it. The reason it’s so popular is because it doesn’t require a drastic cut, yet it transforms your hairstyle.

2. Curtain fringe

A hairstyle that originated in the 70s, this is a heavy, thick layer of hair that goes all the way down to your eyebrows. Brigitte Bardot loved this style.

3. The Straight Fringe

You may think of the bangs of yesteryear, but don’t let that fool you – the straight fringe is still in! It looks best with perfectly straight hair, but also with a ponytail or even a chignon. Go for it if you don’t have any problems with frizz.

4. See-through bangs

This is a Korean-style fringe. Unlike the two above, this one is much smaller in volume. It consists of just a few strands falling across your forehead.

5. Curly fringe

A fringe that only works on straight hair? Not at all! Curly-haired women can have it too. What’s more, curls falling across your forehead give you a more charming and youthful appearance.

How to make a fringe at home?

Let’s start by saying that you will need hairdressing scissors to make bangs at home. Kitchen or paper scissors are not suitable for cutting hair because they are not sharp enough, which makes them crush and damage the hair. A fringe created with scissors taken from the kitchen will be difficult to style and will also be prone to damage

You will also need a styling comb. A fine toothed comb will help.

Time for practice!

  1. Always cut your fringe when your hair is dry. Why? Wet hair is longer than dry hair. You’ll have much more control over the length and shape of your new hairstyle by cutting it dry.
  2. Your hair should be perfectly smooth. If not, use a flat iron.
  3. Do not pull your hair tightly! This will make it look longer and you may end up with a much shorter fringe than you had planned.
  4. Now take it one step at a time: Run a fine tooth comb through your hair at the height you want the fringe to end. Hold the scissors perpendicular to the comb. Now it’s time to cut!

How do I create a diagonal fringe?

To create the fringe, gather your hair at the front of your face. Twist this section, which will soon become a fringe, 180 degrees. Bang! When you let go of your hair it will turn into a diagonal fringe

The Two-Sided Fringe

Choose the section of hair you want to cut. Keep it small. Twist it and make the cut at about mouth level. Done! You have a side fringe.

Main photo: Allef Vinicius/unsplash.com

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