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Benefits of using natural cosmetics and beauty accessories

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Benefits of using natural cosmetics and beauty accessories

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Cosmetics and accessories of natural origin have a positive impact on health and well-being. Below we present a selection of ten advantages of their use.

1. Safe composition

The simple composition of organic cosmetics means that the consumer does not have to worry about the impact of harmful substances on health – products created using natural raw materials are free of parabens, SLS, glycols or mineral oils. Organic face care cosmetics do not contain harmful substances with carcinogenic, allergenic or endocrine disrupting properties. Formulas of natural origin are better tolerated and absorbed by the skin than their synthetic counterparts

2. Protection for sensitive and allergic skin

Plant extracts care for the skin, support natural processes and are seldom allergenic. This makes them ideal for sensitive and allergic skin. Thanks to the elimination of synthetic ingredients, they can also be used by children and pregnant women. It is worth noting that the simple composition of the cosmetic is more understandable for the average consumer. Usually drugstore equivalents of cosmetics contain an endless list of ingredients with incomprehensible names.

3. Fragrance soothing the senses

Natural essential oils smell beautiful and promote relaxation during bath time. They are also worth using for their antiseptic properties

4. Ecological packaging

A great advantage of natural cosmetics is that they are usually packaged in an ecological way. Soaps and shampoos in bars, wrapped in gray paper and creams, lotions and scrubs, closed in glass jars are a good alternative to plastic, ubiquitous on drugstore shelves. It is also worth trying deodorant in a cream, which is a great alternative to a classic aerosol or a stick

5. Refillable packaging

In case of natural cosmetics, it is also worth using the re-fill option, thanks to which you can reuse the packaging of cosmetics, and at the same time save money and support the environment. Glass jars and metal cans will also find use on the go if you put a smaller amount of cosmetic into them.

6. Support local and family-owned businesses instead of large corporations

Buying natural cosmetics, we can support family businesses, which deal with the entire production themselves, and obtain raw materials from local suppliers and organic crops. This is much better for the environment than the actions of large corporations, which generate a large carbon footprint in production processes and during transport. Among the Polish brands of cosmetics, it is worth mentioning make me biowhich offers products for gentle face, body and hair care.

7. Certified cosmetics

When choosing naturally derived skin care products, make sure they are certified. They provide assurance to the consumer that the cosmetic contains the appropriate percentage of natural and organic ingredients. It is also worth paying attention to the Vegan Society certificate, which is a guarantee that products bearing it meet the standards of veganism

8. Supporting animal rights

Natural and organic cosmetics usually do not contain substances of animal origin in their composition and are not tested on animals

9. Versatility of use

Natural care is often universal and created for both women and men. Most products can also be used by children

10. Supporting daily beauty rituals

For cosmetics to bring the desired results, it is important to remember about their regular use. Daily facial care should take place in the morning and in the evening. The condition of the skin is also affected by diet, physical activity, hormone balance, stress and the amount of sleep. It is worth supporting daily beauty rituals through relaxation techniques. It can be a good idea to use a traditional Far Eastern gua sha massage with a comb and jade plate and dry skin peeling. In the case of hair, silk and regenerative hair elastic and regenerative hair treatments.

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