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Why Use a Scalp Scrub and What Should You Consider When Choosing a Scalp Scrub?

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Why Use a Scalp Scrub and What Should You Consider When Choosing a Scalp Scrub?
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New skin care products are constantly appearing in stores. The scalp scrub is gaining popularity. Before buying one, it’s helpful to know the benefits of using it and how to apply it

Usually, scrubs are associated with the face and body. However, scalp scrub is gradually gaining interest. Hair care has moved to a higher level with the help of cosmetics applied directly to the scalp, which regulate sebum secretion and nourish the hair from the roots. See for yourself the other benefits of scalp scrubs!

Why use a scalp scrub?

Shampooing cannot remove all accumulated dirt from the scalp. Over time, this build-up interferes with the scalp’s ability to breathe. The main task of a scalp peel is to thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities and cosmetic residues and to remove dead cells. Getting rid of dead skin is necessary due to the fact that it peels and then falls off. This causes the hair to look unsightly. If a lot of it accumulates, the scalp may itch and the hair may fall out excessively.

Scalp in poor condition can cause various hair problems such as hair loss, visible weakening of hair or rapid greasiness. Performing scrubbing properly stimulates blood circulation. The scalp, which is well oxygenated through massage and proper cleansing, better absorbs the elements contained in masks and conditioners. Scrubbing allows all the precious substances to reach the roots and nourishes the skin and hair from root to tip.

Scalp scrubs should be used to cleanse the scalp and the follicle openings. In practice, this means that the scalp, which is covered with dead skin and hair care products, should be cleaned regularly so that the hair can grow easily and without having to break through the build-up. Of course, shampoos perform these functions, but because of the surfactants they contain, they can irritate the scalp. The scrubs, on the other hand, used once every 1-2 weeks and left on the scalp for the length of time suggested by the manufacturer, will regulate the sebaceous glands, i.e. influence the scalp’s oiliness, regulate the scalp’s exfoliation processes and, most importantly, will not dry out the skin. The effective and safest choice will be an enzymatic peeling which will not mechanically irritate the scalp

– explains Emilia Wieczorkowska, trychologist

The effect of a scalp scrub

Easy execution of a scalp scrub is not the only advantage of products in this category. A well-made cosmetic will ensure thorough cleansing from all dirt and the remains of other products. In addition, it effectively removes dead skin and improves microcirculation. Peeling eliminates irritation of the scalp, thanks to which the condition of hair improves from the inside, the effect of which is visible along the entire length of hair strands.

Regular care combined with gentle, relaxing massage helps to increase hair volume and accelerate hair growth. Scalp Peeling has a positive effect on the condition of hair, making it noticeably stronger and shinier for a much longer time. It is definitely a more in-depth care than washing your head with shampoo and conditioner alone.

How do I choose the right scalp scrub for me?

Scalp scrubs are just starting to gain popularity, so you can’t expect to find a very wide range of products on store shelves just yet. When looking for the right cosmetic for you, pay attention to the label. Manufacturers usually introduce lines dedicated to specific problems – weakened hair, oily hair or hair with dandruff. This will definitely make it easier to choose the best product for yourself

You can also try making your own scalp scrub using products you may have in your kitchen. With the help of some ingredients, you can make the right scrub for you in your home. However, don’t get discouraged if a particular scalp scrub doesn’t produce the results you dream of. Each one has a different effect, so it is advisable to try several. Many interesting recipes for scrubs can be found on the internet.

OUR EXPERT: Emilia Wieczorkowska, cosmetologist and trichologist

Graduate of the University of Engineering and Health Sciences in Warsaw, specializing in cosmetology. She completed postgraduate studies in trichology at the Jagiellonian University. So far she has gained experience in Warsaw aesthetic medicine clinics, numerous courses and congresses. In her treatment protocols she combines the best technologies with the latest research results. She is an advocate of conscious skin care, therefore during consultations she always shares her knowledge and helps to choose appropriate cosmetics selected for the current condition of the face and scalp. She is associated with the Warsaw Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery OT.CO Clinic.

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