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How to enlarge your lips without the help of a syringe? Here are some foolproof tricks

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How to enlarge your lips without the help of a syringe? Here are some foolproof tricks

It turns out that in order to have beautiful and full lips we do not always have to undergo painful treatments in a salon of aesthetic medicine. There are home ways to improve the beauty of the lips, although they are not as spectacular as using botox or hyaluronic acid. It is worth using natural tricks to enlarge lips, which, with regular use, will bring the intended results

There are many makeup techniques that make lips appear fuller. With the help of optical illusion, we can enlarge the lips and without the use of a syringe look knockout. Proper lip makeup can be challenging at first, but with a little patience and perseverance you will get a spectacular result

Home Remedies for Lip Enhancement

Many women dream of full lips, but not everyone decides on painful and expensive treatments. It is worth testing at home simpler methods of lip augmentation

The power of oils

For home lip augmentation all kinds of oils and even olive oil are perfect. Oils are great for nourishing skin cells. The key to success is to slowly, thoroughly massage your lips for several minutes while rubbing in the oils. After this procedure, leave the oil on the lips until absorbed. The next step is to rub a moisturizing serum into the lips, it can be based on shea butter or coconut oil. This treatment should be done every day

Lip brushing

Lip brushing aims to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate blood circulation. This treatment can be done with a regular toothbrush that is at least medium hard. Thanks to such massaging, the lip skin quickly becomes smoother and more pleasant to the touch. To deepen the effect, you can apply on the surface of the brush conditioner in the form of petroleum jelly, honey or lip balm. If you have a free evening, you can prepare a home spa and leave the lubricant on the lips for 30 minutes until absorbed. Brushing should not be a lengthy process, so don’t do it for more than a minute

Honey – a sweet lip balm

Using honey in your lip treatment makes your lips fuller and healthier. The practice involves rubbing honey on your lips to provide them with a host of valuable vitamins and nutritional value. The sweet balm also has the effect of slowing down the aging process of the skin, thanks to the antioxidants present in the composition. If left on your lips overnight, honey will cover them with a protective layer that shields them from external factors

Lip enhancing make-up

There are a few proven tricks to make your lips appear bigger and fuller. The first is to choose light colors to paint your lips. Dark colors contrast strongly with the skin, thus accentuating narrow lips. What colors to look for in the drugstore? Definitely any lipsticks and glosses in nude, pink and coral. Such colors look very natural and feminine on the lips

A sure-fire way to make lips look bigger is to line them with a lip liner. Thanks to it lips will gain a symmetrical shape and will look bigger. It is necessary to match the color of the pencil with the color of lipstick to make a coherent whole. Such makeup is very durable, so the effect of enlargement will last for many hours

Wonderful effects can be achieved by contouring the face with a highlighter and bronzer. How to use these products around the lips to get a lip-enhancing effect? Apply a light dusting of highlighter to the cupid’s bow and a light dusting of bronzer under the lower lip.

You can also bet on lip enhancing lip glosses. Their magic lies in the addition of small, shiny particles to the composition, which gives a three-dimensional effect on the lips. It’s a great way for people who don’t like to spend much time on perfect make-up

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