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Lipstick shade and complexion. We tell you which lipstick shade suits your skin tone

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Lipstick shade and complexion. We tell you which lipstick shade suits your skin tone

Choosing the right shade of lipstick to match your skin tone is a challenge. Some women intuitively select lipsticks to match their complexion and type of beauty. Others have a big problem with that. We tell you how to choose the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone.

Women usually have a lot of lipsticks in their makeup bags, but not all of them suit them and they don’t feel too good in them. There are also ladies who reach only for lip balms because they are afraid that a colored lipstick will attract the eyes of others too much. They are also afraid that they look bad with heavily painted lips or that they don’t match their complexion. Ladies! We tell you how to choose the right lip color to suit your complexion so that you look good and, above all, feel comfortable!

What factors influence the choice of the right lipstick?

Before we choose the right lipstick color for us, we need to take a few factors into account. What are they? Well, apart from our infallible feminine intuition, we should also focus on our hair color, the shape and volume of our lips, our complexion imperfections and of course our beauty type.

The ideal lipstick color should complement your hair color and shade. Red, chocolate and warm pink are recommended for those with dark hair; blondes prefer fuchsia, soft pink, coral and light pink. What works best for redheads? These are matte lipsticks in red, brown or bold burgundy shades.

The shape of the lips is also important when choosing a lipstick. It is good to know that narrow lips with little volume are best painted with bright, slightly shiny colors. If we are the lucky owners of full lips, we have a lot of possibilities, but it is best to bet on matte lipstick or lipstick

Determine your skin type

Before you start choosing lipsticks for your skin type, you need to know exactly what type you are. It’s not difficult to find out. Look closely at your skin and remember that warm-toned skin has yellow and olive undertones and that dark eyes usually go hand in hand with dark hair. If you have fair skin that tends to pinkish tones, are covered with freckles, have blue eyes and blonde or light brown hair, then your skin has cold tones. You can also determine your skin type by looking at your wrist. How If the veins visible on your wrist have a green tint, you are the “warm” type, when blue, you are the “cold” type. There is also a complexion type called neutral. This type doesn’t fall into warm or cold tones and is the lucky type because almost any shade of lipstick suits them!

Lipstick and skin tone

Choosing a lipstick color to match your skin tone is not easy. Of course, it’s all a matter of knowledge and practice! There are many different types of beauty and skin types, but one of the most common classifications is the division into cool and warm skin types

Cool types have ashen or silvery hair and their skin tends to be red rather than brown. What lipstick colors are most suitable for a cool skin type? They are shades of plum, wine and dirty pink

On the other hand, warm types are characterized by golden hair shades, usually walnut, copper, honey brown but also pink blonde. They have peach-coloured skin with a warm complexion and they tan easily to a bronze color. What lipstick colors should people with warm skin reach for? Definitely those for the warm type, i.e. red, beige and brown

Skincare is key!

Regardless of your skin color, do not forget that the skin of your lips is very delicate and needs special protection. So let’s use protective lipsticks, and the best ones rich in natural butters and oils. Honey also has a beneficial effect on the skin of the lips, which can be used as a natural scrub.

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