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How to learn how to stick on fake eyelashes?

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How to learn how to stick on fake eyelashes?

Artificial eyelashes are an element of makeup, which is able to significantly change it. Properly selected and glued can definitely optically enlarge the eye and lift the look. It is very important to stick them on properly so that they look good and last for many hours. By reading this article, you will gain knowledge on how to properly apply false eyelashes.

The right glue is the basis

If you want artificial eyelashes to stick easily and hold for a long time, then you need to know that eyelash glue plays a very important role. There are many such products available in drugstores. Each of them can meet different expectations. A very popular one is Duo glue, which sets quickly and holds lashes well. Adhesives are usually available in two versions: black and transparent. Black is suitable for strong makeup, because in this case the black deposit will not stand out against the eyeshadow. For delicate and light makeup, it is better to choose a transparent glue. They, usually after squeezing, are white, and when they set – transparent.

Choosing good eyelashes

There are plenty of types of false eyelashes available in drugstores. You need to think about what effect you want to achieve. For delicate makeup, you can get halves, or lashes on a strip, which are glued to the outer corner of the eye. These give a natural effect.

Another option is to choose clumps – in this case you choose yourself what effect you want to achieve. There are also holistic lashes on a strip with different density and length of hair. Remember to pay attention to the strip on which the lashes stick when you buy them. If you are a beginner – choose one that is practically invisible. 

Eyelashes on a strip – how to glue them on?

Start the process of gluing eyelashes on the strip by applying mascara to your natural lashes. This way you will make the artificial ones not stand out against them and they will stick better. Once the mascara dries, you can move on to action. 

Try on the lashes. Artificial eyelashes will not always fit your eye properly. Without using glue, apply the strip over your natural hairs and arrange it the way you want it to look. If you find that it is too long – you can confidently trim it. Remember to always trim your lashes at the outer corner.

If the lash strip is already the right size, it’s time to move on to the glue application. Squeeze a little of the product onto your palm. Then apply it to the lower part of the false lashes very carefully, but in a small amount. Focus most on the edges. 

Now wait about a minute for the glue to cool gently. Then place the mirror low so that you are looking firmly down at it. Glue the lashes to your natural lashes where they meet your eyelid. This will give you the best effect and durability. Do this with tweezers, which are then used to tighten the artificial lashes. Now wait 2-3 minutes for the glue to dry completely.

Look straight in the mirror and see if the effect satisfies you. If the eyelashes stand out on the border with the eyelid, you can correct this by painting a line with eyeliner or lightly shading with black shadow. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Giorgio Trovato

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