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How to do Brigitte Bardot style eyeliner?

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How to do Brigitte Bardot style eyeliner?

Brigitte Bardot is the undisputed symbol of sex appeal and style icon. Thanks to her women wanted to paint eyeliner. See how to do them

Her career on the big screen began in 1952 with a role in the film “The Village of Normandy”. However, she gained the greatest popularity thanks to the production of “And God Created Woman”. The actress had a great impact not only on cinematography, but also on pop culture. Throughout the 1960s there was a fashion among women to imitate the clothes, hairstyles and makeup of Bardot. The style created by Brigitte is still an inspiration for designers and make-up artists

What is the secret of Brigitte Bardot’s eyeliner?

Popularized by the actress makeup is very universal. It suits most types of beauty and different fashion styles. It enlarges the eye and gives depth to the gaze. The characteristics of this makeup? Pale skin, natural lips and of course, a clear, thick eyeliner.

How do you apply the eyeliner? A black eyeliner or pencil is a must. you can make a “line” in Brigitte’s style by painting delicate dots all along the eyelid (from the beginning of the pupil to the outer corner of the eye). Then just connect the dots, creating just the perfect line.

Will you give it a try?

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