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Is it possible to reverse the damage the sun has done to the skin?

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Is it possible to reverse the damage the sun has done to the skin?
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Summer, the sun’s rays brushing against our skin. Sounds wonderful, but behind this pleasant vision there is a dangerous side of the sun that can cause harm to our skin.

Sun damage is one of the most common problems affecting our skin. Despite this, still a large part of society forgets or underestimates the need to protect against harmful UV radiation, and yet it is responsible for photoaging of the body. The most exposed areas are the face, neck, décolleté, and hands.

What are the symptoms of sun damage?

Skin that is not adequately protected from the sun can lose elasticity, become flabby and dry. It is also more susceptible to wrinkles and the deepening of existing wrinkles. Radiation can also cause the one thing that keeps many people up at night – skin discoloration.

What can we do to reverse the damage caused by the sun?

Discoloration on the body and face can cause a lot of complexes. However, there are many methods that help to effectively eliminate them. Some of them can be applied without leaving home.

Among the home methods to help remove discoloration is lemon tonic. This citrus fruit, rich in acids and vitamin C, combined with water will gently lighten small discolorations on the skin. A baking soda mask can also help. Just combine baking soda with water to form a paste and apply the mixture on the problem areas. The mask has also cleansing properties, so it can be successfully used in the fight against eczema.

On store shelves you can find a wide range of products designed to correct skin changes caused by the sun. Such cosmetics contain substances involved in the process of formation of pigment in the human body – melanin. This allows them to effectively eliminate sun discoloration. An important aspect in the use of cosmetics for discoloration is, of course, regularity.

Aesthetic medicine in the fight against sun discoloration

Aestheticmedicine comes to help in the removal of discoloration caused by the sun. One method is a chemical peeling, which involves the application of a preparation based on acids with a strong exfoliating effect. While the substance is on the skin, it causes exfoliation of the outer layers of the damaged epidermis. Natural regenerative processes accelerate and, as a result, discolorations are removed.

A more invasive way is to use fractional CO2 laser. Its beam is directed to specific parts of the epidermis, where it causes thousands of micro-damages, which immediately stimulates collagen and elastin production and skin regeneration. It is the most effective treatment that can deal with even hard-to-remove lesions.

How to prevent sun damage?

The answer to this question is simple – use adequate protection against harmful radiation. Creams with SPF are available today in almost every drugstore, we have them at our fingertips. We can also buy them in any pharmacy. They do not have to be expensive, and they can save us from the unpleasantness that we will have to face if we do not apply adequate protection.

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