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How to apply highlighter? Step by step instructions

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How to apply highlighter? Step by step instructions

Highlighter is a cosmetic hit of recent years. It gives our skin a glow and makes us look more relaxed and younger. Do you know how to apply it properly?

Highlighter is a cosmetic that is present in many makeup bags. No other product can illuminate our complexion in such a way. The correct application of the cosmetic will highlight our beauty and make us look radiant

Highlighter – what is this cosmetic?

Let’s start by explaining what highlighter is. It is a product beloved by women, which is designed to give the face a glow and freshness. Some women do not like it, because they think that after its application their face shines too much. However, everything is a matter of proper application of the cosmetic. You just need to apply it skillfully, and for that you need some practice

Types of highlighters for the face. Which one will be the best?

How we apply a highlighter depends on its type. We distinguish between loose highlighter, cream highlighter, stick highlighter and cream highlighter. It is best to try all of them and see for yourself, which type will be best for you

Loose high lighter is a delicate powder. It is best to apply it with a brush. Remember to remove excess product from it

Acream highlighter is the most popular choice, because it is perfect for combination skin. Apart from the fact that it illuminates the face, it also has a skincare effect. It contains oils and nutrients that positively affect the condition of the skin

The highlighterstick looks like a lipstick and it takes a lot of practice to apply it properly. It is best to first smudge the cosmetic with a make-up sponge and then spread it over the chosen areas with a brush.

Thepowder highlighter is perfect for people who are just starting their adventure with this product. It is best to apply it on the face with a broom brush, because it will allow for precise application of the cosmetic, without leaving unsightly spots

Highlighter – step by step instructions

The first step is to choose the right shade of highlighter. It is best to choose a color close to the natural shade of our skin

Once we have chosen the shade of highlighter, it is time for its application. Remember that we apply it at the very end. Use a brush to scoop up the product and shake off the excess. If we don’t do it, too much of the cosmetic can make the make-up look too shiny and a bit kitschy

Highlighter should be applied on slightly matte skin, so it should be powdered beforehand. The product should be applied on the top of cheekbones, dragging it with a brush to optically slim the face. Then apply a bit of highlighter on the upper line of the nose with a thin brush. This trick makes the nose look slimmer. A bit of highlighter can also be applied on the Cupid’s bow (the place between the lip and the nose) – this is a great way to optically enlarge your lips!

Highlighter can also be applied on the eyebrow arch, which will divert attention from tired eyes. Remember to use a smaller brush for the eye area than for the rest of the area. This will allow for more precision.

Also use the corner of the eyes to add shine and open up the eye

Where not to apply highlighter?

There are places on our face which will not make friends with a highlighter. Under no circumstances should you apply it on your forehead or chin. These are places that get oily quite quickly, so the highlighter is unnecessary in this case

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