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Platforms are back in fashion! How to style them?

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Platforms are back in fashion! How to style them?

Fashion loves a comeback – everyone knows that. Once fashionable platforms are back in style again. If you are a fan of these shoes, this is definitely your season. If you don’t know what to wear with them and how to style them, you can find out more about it in our article!

1. Platform sneakers

The combination of fashion and comfort – doesn’t it sound perfect? This is the description of platform sneakers. Not only do they look original and elegant, but you can walk in them confidently all day long. They are perfect for work, for a walk or for shopping. They will also look good on a date. Platform sneakers will go best with pants. Sporty and elegant pants will be equally suitable here. Material, elegant black pants and burgundy platform sneakers. On the one hand, elegance and on the other, adding character to the whole outfit. Doesn’t that sound good?

2. Platform moccasins

Platform moccasins are a favorite type of footwear for spring for many women. They look beautiful in many versions, and moreover, they are comfortable. Do moccasins match with a dress? It depends on what kind of dress and for what occasion you will wear it. If it is a very elegant party such as a wedding – do not decide on them, unless as a change shoes. However, if you plan to go out in the city in a casual or even sporty dress, why not? However, moccasins look best when paired with pants. Maybe this is a good opportunity to change something in your closet and add a few pairs of pants there?

3. Platform shoes 

This type of footwear is perfect for formal occasions, such as a wedding or a company party. Just wear a little black dress and match it with fuchsia shoes and a handbag. Then your look will gain energy! Half shoes will also look very nice with a colorful double-breasted suit. They go less well with jeans, but it all depends on you and what styling you think of. Remember – fashion is all about having fun!

4. Shoe color – how to choose?

A few years ago everyone was repeating the same rule – shoes must be the same color as handbags and belts. Today we know that it doesn’t work like that! Each of these accessories can be in a different color, and it still has the right to look good, It all depends on what you put on, what jewelry and makeup you wear. Black platform shoes will look quite heavy. Keep this in mind so as not to overload your styling unnecessarily. 

Coloured platform shoes, on the other hand, are a real eye-catcher, so you need to think about whether you want them to play the first fiddle today. What about white platform shoes? In this case, sneakers are the best option! They will look great with jeans and suits. Don’t wear them with dresses. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Erriko Boccia

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