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3 tricks to prolong the life of your perfume

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3 tricks to prolong the life of your perfume

Does your perfume wear off too quickly? You may be making mistakes when applying it. Here are 3 simple tricks to help you enjoy your favorite scent all day long.

It’s true that some fragrances fade faster than others. This includes floral and citrus fragrances. If you want a long-lasting fragrance, bet on woody or oriental notes

How to make a fragrance last longer on the skin?

  1. Do not store perfumes in the bathroom – the humidity and high temperatures intensify the decomposition of fragrance notes. Over time, their scent can become less intense.
  2. Do not rub your wrist against your wrist – contrary to the generally known principle, these parts of the body should not be rubbed against each other. By doing so, you prevent the fragrance from blending with your skin and evaporating faster
  3. Lubricate the places of perfume application with unscented petroleum jelly – perfumes last longer on moisturized skin. For this purpose, use unscented petroleum jelly. The effect is guaranteed
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From now on you will be able to enjoy the scent of your perfume much longer.

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