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What fragrances suit daytime and evening?

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What fragrances suit daytime and evening?

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Choosing the right perfume can add you a lot of charm and elegance. It is nice to spend time in the company of a person who spreads a beautiful fragrance around, and that is why we use perfume. How to choose a perfume for an occasion? How to choose a perfume for everyday use? How should a day perfume differ from an evening one? See for yourself!

Everyday perfume

When choosing a perfume for any occasion, you should first and foremost follow your taste. You are the one who will be spending several hours a day with this fragrance, so it must appeal to you. Since you will smell the perfume for many hours every day, do not choose rather too heavy and intense notes. For everyday perfume, you can bet on light, fresh fragrances that will not overwhelm you throughout the day. Good choices for every day are perfume equivalents well-known brands. If you use a particular fragrance every day, you will use it up very quickly, and original perfumes are expensive. In order not to go bankrupt, you can choose a cheaper eau de toilette with a very similar smell, so you can save a large sum of money and you can buy expensive branded perfumes for special occasions

Fresh, fruity and floral notes are the best choice when it comes to perfumes, for example, for work. If you’re a fan of more substantial fragrances, consider that they might irritate other people in the office. Use a small amount of such perfume, so that it does not dominate the smell of the entire room

Perfume for the evening

Evening fragrances are a completely different story. With perfumes worn on special occasions, you can let your imagination run wild. However, you have to choose a fragrance appropriate for the situation. Perfume for a ball or wedding will not be suitable for a house party or a club and vice versa. Heavy, classic and elegant notes, such as spices and oriental scents will be perfect for a large hall, where there is no risk that they will turn out to be too heavy. On the other hand, for a party at a friend’s house, which is a static event, taking place in a tight space, bet on strong notes, broken with freshness. Too heavy fragrance can make people sitting around you in a stuffy room get a headache. For this occasion, choose a perfume of medium intensity, broken up with a touch of light fragrance

Perfume names and colors can tell you a lot

The color of the eau de toilette can be a hint as to what kind of scent it has. Perfumes with bright and warm colors, for example, slightly yellow, orange, are refreshing notes that energize and add vigor. They are dominated by fruity and citrus notes and are ideal for every day. Perfumes with a green tint work the same way, they are with green leaves and grasses. Pink and violet color means that it is a floral composition, but light and subtle, good for going out for lunch or coffee with friends. In turn, brown, golden and red perfumes are intense, sensual fragrances in which oriental and spicy notes prevail

The name of the fragrance is another hint given by manufacturers to customers. Such particles in the name, such as fresh, fruity, morning or citrus, indicate that the perfume will have a fresh, light fragrance or fruity notes. On the other hand, names such as garden, flower, rose or eden suggest that the composition will be dominated by floral scents. Night, evening, midnight, orient and similar names say that it is rather heavy and evening perfume

Choosing the right perfume is quite a challenge, especially for a woman new to this area. Remember, however, that with practice and maturity comes knowledge of your taste and preferences. To choose the perfect fragrance for you, go to the perfumery several times and get to know different notes and intensities of scents. Try out several fragrances to find the one most suitable for you

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