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6 Hairstyles to Become Queen of the Beach

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6 Hairstyles to Become Queen of the Beach

Summer vacation is the time when we want to look presentable without spending long hours in front of the mirror. What are attractive and at the same time easy to style hairstyles for the beach? Here are the TOP 6 Summer Hairstyles for Every Woman!

Loose Updo with Braided Hairband

This hairstyle is for those with longer strands who want a quick way to discipline their hair. Simply create a loose braid behind the ears, pull it across to form a headband, and secure it with a few bobby pins. This hairstyle allows you to show off your beautiful hair and is very practical as it keeps your hair out of the way while you swim in the sea.

The reversed single or double braid

The reverse braid is the ideal summer hairstyle for women who have grown out their bangs and want to tame shorter strands of hair, which tend to fall over their eyes. Following the instructions in the accompanying video, in just a few moments you can create a double inverted braid, which does not require any styling products. This hairstyle is perfect not only for the beach but also for everyday use.

Side Braid

Another popular holiday hairstyle is the side braid. Simply create a side parting and start braiding from the scalp, loosening the braid from time to time to give it more volume. Simply secure the side braid with a few bobby pins. You can see how to create a side braid in our video tutorial

Beach waves

Beach waves are a must if you want to look like a surfer girl. How do you get these messy beach waves? Simply braid your hair into one or two strands after taking a bath before going to bed. The next morning, untangle your hair and enjoy nonchalant beach waves. A few drops of argan oil can be spritzed into the strands to nourish the hair and add shine while accentuating the slight curl.

The high ponytail

Another simple hairstyle to enhance your beauty is the classic ponytail, but done up high. This ponytail will make you look young and trendy. How do I get this look? It’s very simple. Simply gather all strands of hair in your hands and secure with a rubber band on top of your head. The ponytail is then held high with 2-3 bobby pins on the underside to keep the rubber band in place

Colorful Braids – Pigtails

This is a braided hair style, which is very popular among hairdressers. All you need to do is add a reusable rubber band to your hair and tie it up into a ponytail. This original hairstyle is sure to draw the attention of many beachgoers. This is a great solution for girls who want to optically thicken their hair because their hair is thin and not very bushy.

How Do I Care for My Hair in Summer?

It is best to give your hair a break from hair spray, mousse, gels and other styling products. Use hair products, which protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun if you do not want your hair to be in poor condition after your summer vacation. Hair spray with UV filter is a must have for holiday hair care On hot days, it is advisable to wear a hat or a scarf. Experienced hair stylists also recommend protecting the hair ends with natural oils

We hope you find our hair style suggestions inspiring and suitable for your vacation! Importantly, all the hairstyles shown can be done by yourself at home, without spending money or the help of a hair stylist!

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Main photo: Gian Cescon/ unsplash.com

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