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4 Hairstyles to Hide Fine Hair and Show Your Knowledge of the Hot Trends

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4 Hairstyles to Hide Fine Hair and Show Your Knowledge of the Hot Trends

Is your hair thin and are you trying every way possible to add volume? Did you know that you can hide thin hair with the right hairstyle in addition to hair care? See how!

Wondering whether long hair, short hair, layered hair, hair with or without bangs, blonde hair or dark hair would look better? Should your hair be pinned up or down? How to style thin strands of hair to make up for the lack of volume? Just because your hair is thin does not mean it is thin either. Here are some tips for styling thin hair in a simple yet original way

Here are 4 hairstyles to make up for thin hair

1. The Slight Bob

Short or mid-length hair looks best on thin hair because it does not cling to the scalp. These lengths are ideal for creating the bob. The hair should be cut straight. Avoid layering at the front. This length of bob is easy to style. The layered bob looks best on thin hair because it adds a lot of volume to the hair

2. Waves and Curls in a Romantic Style

You may be surprised to learn that thin, fine hair is easier to style. Waves and curls look great on fine hair because they optically add volume to the hair. How do you create them? Subtle waves can be created using a curling iron, flat iron, wave iron, or curlers (we recommend papillote curlers). For an even better hold and hold, we recommend working styling mousse through your hair before styling. This trick will make your hair look really bushy.

3. The ponytail

This style can be worn low or high, slicked back or styled like a bun. By putting your hair up in a bun, you don’t reveal how thick your hair is. If you find the chignon ‘too small’ you can always use a hair filler to make it appear larger

4. The pixie cut

This cut is slightly shorter at the back and is characterised by an asymmetric parting and very frayed hair strands. It is said to be the hairstyle for women with character and adds volume!

How do I Care for Fine Hair?

The care of fine hair starts with shampooing. Wash your hair with warm but not hot water. After washing, the hair should be gently dried with a towel. The hair should not be tousled or roughly scrubbed. Thin strands of hair should be combed gently in order not to damage the fine hair structure. Frequent blow-drying, straightening or colouring may make your hair thinner and weaker. For thin hair, you should also use light shampoos that will not weigh down your hair strands additionally.

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