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Here’s a guide to the most popular nail shapes

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Here’s a guide to the most popular nail shapes

Manicured hands are the business card of every woman. How to choose the right nail shape? What do customers who visit manicure salons most often decide on? What shapes of nails are in fashion? We check

Popular Nail Shapes – Classics and Latest Manicure Trends

The shape of nails should be matched to our hands, finger length, plate, and the work we do every day and lifestyle. What are the current trends? Here are the most popular and interesting proposals that women choose:

  • oval nails – they are very feminine and look good both cut short and in the long version. They match perfectly with classic french polish, which is back in style. Oval nails also work well with soft nails;
  • square nails – this shape requires precision and accuracy. Nails should be evenly filed with sharp edges. Those with wide and short fingers will not look good with this nail shape, because this shape optically widens and shortens the fingers;
  • almond shaped nails – are elegant and stylish, loved by celebrities and influencers, because they slenderize hands beautifully. Almond shaped nails are slightly pointed and gently rounded at the ends. They look best in a long version because of the risk of damage, and are recommended for women who don’t do a lot of household chores (they are perfect for special occasions). Nails in the shape of almond look beautiful painted in one of this year’s fashionable pastel shades such as baby blue, celadon or lilac;
  • squoval nails (rounded squares) – are a combination of square and oval shape. This is a very versatile and comfortable nail shape that suits every woman;
  • coffin/ballerina nails (coffin-shaped) – resemble a tapering rectangle. They are a bit extravagant. Kylie Jenner, among others, is a true fan of this nail shape. Coffin-shaped nails look best when the nail plate is naturally narrow. They slenderize the toes and are eye-catching. They look beautiful when stylized with gold and silver caviar (small, decorative balls);
  • stiletto (pointed) nails – they are sharply pointed and very long, extremely popular in recent months, although not very practical and quite controversial. Due to their shape, they look best in a rock edition with rhinestones, diamonds, painted in black, red or burgundy color. As an interesting fact, it is worth adding that stiletto nails even have their own hashtag on Instagram;
  • round nails – they are durable and easy to care for, thanks to filing the sides they rarely tear. Nails with a round shape are most often chosen by advocates of practical solutions. The rounded shape is ideal for women who have problems with the hardness of the nail plate and perform physical work.

Short or long nails? What nail lengths are fashionable in 2021?

The year 2021 gives nail design lovers a lot of freedom – both short, half-length and long nails are in fashion. Which length is the most comfortable? If you care about comfort, you should opt for nails with a length of about 0.5 cm above the fingertips.

In conclusion, today we can choose from several shapes of plates. From time to time, nail artists offer us new possibilities for shaping our nails. If we do not know what nail shape suits us best, it is worth using the help of an experienced manicurist, who will help us choose the optimal solution, taking into account our taste and requirements, and at the same time will give us important tips on the principles of hand care.

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