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6 cosmetic procedures you can safely perform in the summer

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6 cosmetic procedures you can safely perform in the summer
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The summer months are a time of intense sunlight. How to care for the condition of the skin during this period? What cosmetic procedures can also be carried out in summer? Let’s check what cosmetologists say!

Hyaluronic acid

Treatments with hyaluronic acid allow for intensive nourishment of the skin and ensuring its optimal level of hydration (thanks to the hygroscopic properties of the acid). What is more, it can be used all year round (there is a reason why hyaluronic acid is a component of every moisturizing cream). If we want to intensively moisturize not only the surface layers of the skin, but also its deeper parts – the ideal treatment is needle-free mesotherapy with uncrosslinked, pure hyaluronic acid.


Dermapen is a procedure that involves a series of controlled micro-punctures (the depth of the puncture is usually 0.5-3 mm). Thanks to this procedure an increased production and remodeling of collagen takes place. Activation of skin repair processes results in improved blood flow, skin density and elasticity just a few days after the procedure. We look more radiant and younger.


Hydrafacial (hydropeeling) is another treatment we can safely perform in the summer – what is its secret? It is the so-called water microdermabrasion that cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes tired and dry skin. If we decide on this highly effective and safe treatment, we can:

  • improve skin texture,
  • remove blackheads,
  • reduce discoloration,
  • shallow fine lines and wrinkles,
  • even skin tone and brighten the skin.

It is worth mentioning that Hydrafacial is completely painless and non-invasive, it can be performed on women of all skin types.

Platelet rich plasma mesotherapy

To impress with healthy and beautiful skin, consider platelet rich plasma mesotherapy, commonly referred to as vampire facelift. During the procedure the patient’s own blood is used, from which valuable plasma with high growth factors is extracted. Thanks to the use of autologous material we do not have to worry about allergic reactions or any complications. The use of local anesthesia does not make platelet rich plasma mesotherapy a painful procedure. After the procedure we can enjoy radiant, rejuvenated, smooth skin even for 1.5 years. Remember to use SPF 50+ sunscreen for 4 weeks after the treatment!


Summer is a good time to inject botulinum toxin into problematic parts of the face. Botox injected in small doses, allows to achieve a very natural rejuvenation effect that lasts for about 6 months. Thanks to botox we can eliminate mimic wrinkles (the so-called smoker wrinkles, crow’s feet, lion’s wrinkle) and delay the appearance of new signs of aging

Microneedle radiofrequency

The last recommended treatment for summer is microneedle radiofrequency (thermolifting), which through mechanical damage to tissue, stimulates it to regeneration. This procedure involves puncturing the skin with micro-needles and heating it with electromagnetic radiation. Before the treatment the skin is anaesthetized with cream, so we do not have to be afraid of pain. Thanks to the treatment we can increase skin tension, remove wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, scars and discoloration.

What facial treatments are better to do after the vacations?

Cosmetologists advise that in the summer we abstain from all invasive treatment procedures in favor of milder ones. In the summer months, when we are exposed to strong sunlight, it is better to abstain from strongly exfoliating acid peels (e.g. with glycolic acid, pyruvic acid or retinol), which sensitize to the sun and may cause difficult to remove skin discoloration. Most laser treatments are also inadvisable.

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