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3 Hairstyles that you can do yourself at home and which will turn heads at your wedding reception

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3 Hairstyles that you can do yourself at home and which will turn heads at your wedding reception

Preparing for a wedding, even from the guests usually requires a visit to the hairdresser, beautician and finding the right style. Every minute counts when it comes to getting ready. Why not skip the hairdresser? Why not save time and make your own beautiful hair style? Here are some quick wedding hairstyles, which will delight everyone!

Romantic and Airy

No matter what your hair structure is, this hair style will look impressive. Here we go!

Create a side parting. On the side with the most hair, gather a strand of hair near your forehead and start twisting it toward the back. Secure this strand of hair in the back of your head with a hair slide the same color as your hair

Take another strand from the bottom, twist it in your fingers and match it to the first strand. Now it is time to go to the other side of the hair. On the other side, two strands are taken, twisted and secured in the back of the head.

The protruding strands of hair are secured with bobby pins and the rest is sleeked back. It is important to keep the two separate strands of hair looking as one. The hairstyle should be casual. You may like to loosen a few pins in the back of your head to achieve this effect. The unpinned hair may be slightly curled at the ends or left straight.

Finally, spray hairspray for hold and, if necessary, pull unruly hair back and smooth the whole look. For an extra special touch, you may like to incorporate a flower into your hair to match the outfit. This certainly adds interest to the hairstyle.

Classical Elegance

Like in the previous example, the hair is parted on one side. Then take a large strand of hair from the side where there is more hair and twist it slightly back and secure it with a pin.

On the other side, take a large strand of hair and twist it back and secure it with a bobby pin at the end. Another thicker strand of hair is taken from the opposite side and wrapped in the back over the first strand. This is then fastened together using a bobby pin. This is also done on the other side. Divide the remaining hair into two strands and secure these strands in the back of the head over the previously pinned up strands.

This creates a beautiful challah-like structure in the back of the head. Wrap the remaining hair in the back of your head in the palm of your hand. This creates a chignon, which is secured from below with hidden bobby pins. Use hair pins to hold the chignon in place and apply hairspray for extra hold. This hairstyle is not only convenient but also looks great. It slenderises the neck and uncovers the shoulders.

The boho look

Comb the entire hairdo carefully using a fine-toothed comb. Create a middle parting. Beforehand, prepare a thin decorative headband, necessarily made of soft, flexible fabric. The band should fit the entire hair style. Place the Alice band over your entire head and slide it over your forehead hairline. Next, smooth down your hair so that all unruly strands of hair are placed underneath the headband.

Starting at the front, take a thin strand of hair from either side, wrap it around and place it behind the headband from above. Do the same with other strands. The hair wrapped around the headband should be loose. Once the rest of the hair is in place, the decorative band will be visible at the front while the back hair will be left free to be styled later.

Now it’s time to take care of the hair wrapped around the headband and style it, smooth it down and apply some hairspray for hold. The hair can also be secured with bobby pins.

The remaining hair in the back of your head may be wrapped around an Alice band or put into a mini chignon. This chignon is loosely pinned up to fill the gap in the hairdo. The bun is secured with hidden bobby pins or a hair elastic of the same color. Hair spray is applied to the top and bottom of the hair to make sure that the hairdo stays in place for as long as possible. This hairstyle works beautifully with long, flowing dresses.

All the hairstyles in this tutorial can be done in 10 minutes and the effect will be stunning. All you need to buy is a few packages of bobby pins and hair jewellery. This saves time for the preparations before the wedding. The hairstyles shown here can also be used for birthdays and other celebrations.

We also present some more inspiration straight from Pinterest

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