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8 mistakes most of us make in the shower

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8 mistakes most of us make in the shower
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Anyone can take a shower. However, we have inappropriate habits that can seem pretty funny. As it turns out, simply taking a shower is a rather complicated activity during which many people make mistakes

Taking too long of a shower with hot water

Taking a long and hot shower seems like the perfect thing to do after a workout or on a cold morning. It may make you feel better, but definitely not your appearance. If we stand for several minutes under the stream of really hot water, it will not be good for the skin. This will weaken its natural protective layer, as well as dry it out and irritate it. The best solution is a short shower, and moderate water temperature

Too much lather

Many people believe that the more lather a gel produces, the better its quality. This is not entirely true. The more foam on the skin, the more the natural lipid layer will suffer. Washing agents contain surfactants, i.e. ingredients that, upon contact with water, bind sebum secreted by the skin and remove it. Therefore, too frequent use of products with surfactants in their composition may lead to dry skin

Taking daily showers

Surely we can’t imagine going to work without washing. However, scientific studies show that taking daily showers is bad for your health. Scientists warn that excessive hygiene is the cause of the removal of the natural coating containing fat, which performs a protective function against the skin. Washing too often causes dryness and even itching of the epidermis. This does not mean, however, that you should completely avoid using water every other day. It is recommended to regularly wash your teeth, face, armpits, intimate area, or hands

Washing Hair with Hot Water

Hot water unfortunately dries out the scalp and stimulates the sebaceous glands, which make your hair greasy much faster. This is why it is best to use lukewarm water. This keeps the hair smooth and shiny

Washing Your Face in the Shower

Washing your face with a strong stream of water is undoubtedly soothing. However, it has no positive effect on the skin at all. A strong stream, even hotter, dilates blood vessels, is irritating, causes redness and can also strip the skin of naturally occurring protective substances. It is best to wash your face with lukewarm water under the tap of a sink

Applying a cleansing mask

If you apply a mask in the shower to cleanse your pores, you are also making a mistake. After washing, the body quickly absorbs the ingredients that are contained in cosmetics. Therefore, the most appropriate thing to do is to rub in soothing and moisturizing cosmetics rather than those that have a drying effect on the skin.

Shaving Your Legs

While shaving your legs while showering can certainly save time, it’s not a great idea in the long run. Your skin needs to be properly prepped, or softened, before shaving. Otherwise, hairs can grow in. If you must shave your legs while showering, do it at the end rather than the beginning

Wiping too vigorously

When you get out of a warm shower, you’re usually chilly, so rub your body vigorously with a towel to dry off quickly. Although haste is not advisable here. Wiping the body too vigorously with a towel is unfortunately another factor that leads to dry and irritated skin

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