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Apply blush like a makeup artist! Here are a few tricks to help you

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Apply blush like a makeup artist! Here are a few tricks to help you

Blush is a color cosmetic that can make our face look rested, fresh and younger. But you don’t have to apply it only to your cheeks- here are some clever ways to apply blush!

Liquid blush on the lips – why not!

Many make-up artists are breaking the mould when it comes to make-up application. There’s nothing stopping you from applying your blush to your lips too. For example, Benefit liquid blush can be used as a lipstick to give lips a smooth finish and beautiful color

As celebrity makeup artist Delina Medhin points out, the liquid blush formula is ideal for those with dry skin and lips that tend to chap.

Theatrical blush – make-up for daring women

The pioneer in the non-standard use of blush was Rihanna. The singer surprised everyone with a theatrical blush in the style of the 1970s at the iconic Met Gala 2017. Later, this trend was strongly visible on the catwalks. This does not change the fact that we can experiment with blush in everyday life as well. As the talented makeup artist Ingeborg advises, simply apply the cosmetic with a soft, fluffy brush to the cheeks, eyelids and temple area so that the blush forms a frame for the face. If you like to draw attention to yourself, you can apply blush from the top of your cheekbones to your hairline. For a theatrical effect, use ultra pigmented blush palettes such as the Viseart Paris blush palette (especially Rose/Coral).

Blush – your ally for face contouring

The classic way to use blush is to use it for contouring. For a sophisticated look, you can apply blush directly to your cheekbones and also apply a little bit of blush just above them, where you would normally apply highlighter (in circular brush strokes).

We hope that with our tips you will create many beautiful makeup looks – using blush in a classic or alternative way like the biggest stars.

Main photo: Laura ChouetteHire/unsplash.com

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