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How and how often should makeup brushes be washed?

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How and how often should makeup brushes be washed?

Successful preparation of gorgeous makeup is not just based on choosing the right cosmetics. It is also important to properly prepare the tools used, namely makeup brushes.

Why should you wash your makeup brushes?

Taking good care of your makeup brushes will mean that you will be able to enjoy using them for a long time. If we don’t clean them regularly and properly, we will soon find that the splatters left by the brushes are a major inconvenience to our makeup. Most likely, most of us do not wash these tools at the most required time indicated for this. This is an even rarer option since it takes about 12 hours for the brushes to dry, and it is impossible to do anything with them during this time. However, in case we cannot see the original color of the brush hairs because they are covered with so much make-up, we should face the thought that a good cleaning is more than necessary.

Effects of dirty brushes on skin

Among the problems that dirty makeup brushes cause are not only pimples, but also skin congestion and irritation. Sharing unclean makeup brushes is not a good idea either. This is the easiest way to share the viruses you carry with others, including herpes and conjunctivitis. Keep in mind that every time you use a brush, not only dirt is left on it, but also dead skin and sebum, which is a great environment for bacteria to multiply. Dirt on the brush can not only reduce and weaken the effectiveness of the brush, but also contribute to the breakdown of elastin and collagen, and this can cause oxidative stress on the skin. The result? More factors are involved in premature skin aging, so the whole process is accelerated.

fot. Sonia Roselli/ unsplash.com
photo by Sonia Roselli/ unsplash.com

How often should I wash my makeup brushes?

How often and how intensively you wash your makeup brushes depends mainly on the type of brush and what cosmetics you use for makeup. If you prefer liquid makeup, you should wash your brushes every day immediately after use. The situation is different for brushes used for loose cosmetics. The brushes used for blush and highlighter can be washed every 2-3 days. When we wash our brushes, we should do it at such a time when we can be sure that we won’t need the tool right away. This is because the process of drying can take up to 12 hours, and it is not advisable to use a brush that is still wet.

How to clean makeup brushes?

The best way to wash makeup brushes is to follow a few rules. First of all, you should prepare yourself an antibacterial soap or a silicone-free baby shampoo. It is good to avoid washing-up liquid, because it can adversely affect the condition of natural hair of your brush. Dissolve the liquid in lukewarm water. At this point we have important steps to follow:

  • Washing the brushes – each brush is washed individually. First, we dip them under running water and then in the prepared bowl with shampoo or soap. Gently rubbing them with your fingers for a few minutes will allow us to get the right lather.
  • Swirl – after this time, hold the brushes under running water again to make sure all the foam is gone. It is a good idea to hold them 2-3 seconds longer to make sure you have fully rinsed off all the foam.
  • Repeat with remaining dirt – if the first cleaning didn’t help, be sure to repeat the entire process. If the dirt is gone, we can squeeze the water out of the brush and lay it flat on a towel next to the sink so that the water does not run into the handle.
  • Drying – The final step requires laying the brushes in an even row under the radiator. It is important not to stack them on top of each other as this will cause a bad smell.

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Main photo: Laura Chouette/ unsplash.com

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