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The ABC of holiday makeup

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The ABC of holiday makeup

Christmas and Christmas Eve are approaching fast. It is a special time spent with family, which is very important for us. So it is worth to make a good impression. A well-chosen Christmas makeup can help us make a good impression

What are the Christmas makeup trends?

When we think about Christmas make-up we have different ideas in our heads. Each of us will choose something different. You can go for evening makeup, illuminating makeup or more natural makeup. No matter what you choose, we have some makeup tips for you that will be indispensable during this time

The ABCs of Christmas Makeup

A Christmas makeup classic is a well highlighted eye with black eyeliner and mascara. It’s quite strong and evening proposition, which will go well on this occasion. To emphasize the holiday mood, add red or maroon lips and a light blush on cheeks. It is very important to use a makeup base and a well-chosen foundation and concealer. Don’t forget to fix your makeup with transparent powder. All this is done to make sure that our makeup lasts as long as possible. With such a combination of colors there will be no need to use bronzer or face contouring. With a strong eye-mouth contrast, it is better to leave a uniform and toned face

Glow makeup

Glow and freshness is the theme of glow makeup. It is a perfect option for holiday makeup. It is a good option for those who follow makeup trends boldly. In this makeup, it is extremely important to get a healthy glow on your face, which will further emphasize your skin tone. Avoid heavy cosmetics that weigh down your complexion even more. Instead of a heavy opaque foundation, choose a light CC foundation or BB cream. Small imperfections on your skin should be covered with a light concealer. Finally, powder your complexion gently with gentle strokes so that you do not rub your foundation off. Applying a small amount of powder compact will help your makeup last longer. Additionally, apply a bit of bronzer on your cheeks and blur it on your cheekbones. On your eyelids, apply a bit of pearl or shimmer shadow (you can also use a highlighter compact), patting the product gently. Make a line on your eyelid and apply mascara to your lashes. Line your lips with flesh-coloured liner and apply liquid lipstick or gloss. This will give your complexion a healthy glow

Delicate and beauty-enhancing holiday makeup

A good idea for Christmas makeup will also be a natural makeup that will emphasize your natural and will work in any situation. To do such a make-up, choose a light foundation or one with particles, apply some loose highlighter or cream on your cheekbones. Use a blush on your cheeks for a glowing and radiant complexion. On your lips, apply a flesh-colored lip liner and apply a natural-colored lipstick. Dust your face lightly with an illuminating compact powder to keep your makeup in place all evening.

What to look out for

When applying any makeup, it’s a good idea to use a properly selected makeup base underneath it, which unifies your complexion color and prolongs the life of your makeup. You should also choose a waterproof matte lipstick, which will be resistant to rubbing off while eating and drinking. When choosing eye shadows, make sure they are not too loose because they may fall out and look bad. For your holiday makeup, go for colors such as green, red, gold or silver

Makeup tricks

Christmas makeup should perfectly match your style and character. If you don’t feel comfortable with strong makeup, go for subtle makeup. It is also not a good idea to wear makeup that is too heavy, because during the meal or during tender greetings it may not look as good as it did at the beginning. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable at all times

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