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Do you know what the most fashionable hairstyle was the year you were born?

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Do you know what the most fashionable hairstyle was the year you were born?

Hairstyle trends, like fashion in general, change very dynamically. Every year, we see new hair styles, which capture the hearts of people all over the world. Some of the styles are easily forgotten, while others are popular again and again. Of course, many of these styles have evolved over the years, but there are still some classic hairstyles, especially when thousands of women have worn them.

The Most Fashionable Hairstyles from 1970 to 2000

Over the course of 30 years, hairstyles have often changed a lot. Some of these styles are still popular today, so it’s a good idea to find out what was the trendiest hair style the year you were born.

The 1970s: The centre-parting

In the 1970s, the most popular style was . Long, natural hair was styled on both sides of the head, creating an even parting. This style is so versatile and easy to style that it’s still popular today.

1971 – The SHAG look

This style was started by Jane Fonda and has since enchanted not only women but men all over the world. Nowadays, thanks to the prevailing fashion, many people are opting for this style, which has slightly evolved over the years.

1972: The afro

Thick and tousled curls that create a real bouffant all over your head, this is of course the afro, which originated in African countries where it’s often seen.

1973 – Contiguous braids

A braided style with thin braids close to the scalp, taken from African countries, just like the afro. This hairstyle reigned and now reigns mainly among African-Americans and rappers.

1974 – soft waves

Model Lauren Hutton started the trend with light and subtle waves that looked very natural. This style was a hit back then and can still be seen on many women’s heads today.

1975: Combed curls

This style sits perfectly between the afro and the thick curls. To get it, simply brush your curls gently with a natural bristle brush.

1976 – Cut close to the ears

This haircut is very special because it extends all the way to the end of your ears. It was one of the most popular short hairstyles of the time, but not all women were convinced.

1977 – Shiny Blonde

Bleached blonde hair was only just coming into fashion in the 70s and it was thanks to Blondie, Debbie Harry, that many women envied her luscious hair.

1978 – Wide Waves

One of the actresses who starred in the cult production of “Charlie’s Angels”, Farrah Fawcett, started the trend for big, full curls that fall naturally and casually on the head to create an interesting and unique look.

1979 – Punk style

Punk hairstyles were introduced by the great singer Siouxsie Sioux, who wowed all punk fans with her unusual hairstyle. In those years every punk girl wanted to have the hairstyle of the famous singer.

1980 – The Edgy Shag

Every rocker who wanted to be on top of their game at the time had their Edgy Shag cut, just like the very popular Joan Jett, who wowed with her unusual hairstyle.

1981 – the easy chignon

At the time, the messy, lightweight chignon was a firm favourite with many women and has stayed with us ever since. Today, the chignon is different but the idea remains the same.

1982 – asymmetry

The asymmetric teased hairstyle was one of the biggest hits of the 80s. As it didn’t require a lot of skill to pull off, almost every woman wore it once on her head.

1983 – long, thick hair

Brooke Shields, one of the greatest beauties of the time, showed the world this very natural and subtle hairstyle. Many women dreamed of having such a luscious hairstyle as this film actress

1984 – The Mullet Style

The Mullet style cut was very popular, however, it has not survived to the present day. It’s definitely one of the most criticised styles of the time, probably because the very idea of it is so shocking.

1985 – Hair up in a headscarf

This style was started by one of the biggest pop stars, Madonna. After her appearance with this hairstyle, many women started combining their hair with scarves, which is still fashionable today

1986 – Crimping

Crimped hair could be achieved with a waving machine, which was available in most homes. Nowadays, you can still see updos with crimps, but they are much less common than they used to be.

1987 – Thick, Fine Curls

The world went wild for actress Molly Ringwald’s coppery curls. Back then, a lot of women really did go for perms so they could look like the popular actress.

1988 – teased side fringe

The 80s were all about curls and so are this year’s. With an unusual asymmetric hairstyle like Sarah Jessica Parker’s, the unkempt look of lush curls made its way onto many women’s heads.

1989 – curls with gel

The sleek look of curls was definitely one of the most coveted hairstyles of the late 80s. Sales of hair gel were huge in those years, thanks in part to Julia Roberts, who dared to wear the style.

1990 – Princess Diana’s Short Cut

Princess Diana has always been associated with the world of fashion because she set many trends. The same was true for this distinctive hairstyle, which she wowed the world with.

1991 – the chaotic chignon

The abstract chignon, with many strands of hair hanging down, appealed to women so much that the fashion for it lasted for more than a decade.

1992: Messy Waves

In those years, chaotic hairstyles were the order of the day, which is why the messy waves that appeared on celebrities’ heads were very popular.

1993 – Fine Braids

The inspiration for the tiny braids made of all hair came from Janet Jackson. The fashion for this hairstyle was revived in 2019 and is still very popular.

The year 1994 – Rachel’s style from the TV series “Friends”

The whole world went crazy about the TV series “Friends” and the amazing style that Jennifer Aniston, who played the character Rachel, presented in it. Undoubtedly, many women around the world dreamed of having this hair style.

1995 – The Butterfly updo

One of the less appreciated hairstyles of this decade is the butterfly updo. Not many women dared to try this style, which is why it hasn’t survived to this day.

1996 – coloured highlights

Geri Halliwell, a member of one of the very popular Spice Girls, became a real trendsetter when it came to highlights. Thanks to her, women around the world started colouring their hair in bold colors like red or pink.

1997 – The Year of the Male Styling

This year, the hair style of Winona Ryder caused quite a stir with her short, dishevelled and typically masculine hairstyles.

1998 – Girlish Ponytails

One of the biggest icons of the 90s is Britney Spears who drove the whole world crazy. She made millions of women around the world wear two very girly and cute ponytails.

1999 – Strands around the face

This style, although it doesn’t have a name, was and is very popular. It involves pulling out two strands from the entire hairstyle, which are casually placed at the temples, framing the face.

The year 2000 – wavy blonde

Another important person who set many trends is Beyonce. Thanks to her, blonde hair in a honey shade, arranged in fine and delicate waves, became popular.

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