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These activities are remembered by girls who have beautiful hands and nails

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These activities are remembered by girls who have beautiful hands and nails

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are the pride of every woman. However, to be so, they must be properly cared for. Find out how!

Hands are our business card, something that everyone pays attention to. That is why we must pay special attention when it comes to their care. Especially that every day they are exposed to many harmful external factors. Many people also forget about proper protection of hand skin

Why do you need to care for your hands?

We perform many activities with our hands every day. In addition, external factors: high or low temperatures, wind, contact with various detergents (few people wear gloves when cleaning), and the skin on the hands is particularly delicate, mainly on the back, where there are no sebaceous glands. By not having a lipid mantle, the skin on the hands doesn’t really have any natural protective layer. In the case of slim hands fatty tissue atrophy occurs many times, and then they become not very aesthetic, you can see the veins showing through, and there may also be problems with circulation. Besides, hands often reveal a woman’s age. Many women take care of their skin, but they forget about their hands – this is a serious mistake!

A good hand cream is the basis

To keep the skin on your hands firm and moisturized you need to use a good quality hand cream every day. It is worth to apply it even several times a day, especially in winter and when outside the window there are very high temperatures. Now that there is an epidemic of coronavirus and we disinfect our hands all the time, the skin on the hands is very dry. Also after washing hands it is necessary to cream them. It is worth choosing the right cream, which has in its composition of urea, which guarantees intense hydration. It is good, that it contains vitamins A, E, as well as a filter that protects against harmful UV radiation. When we notice the first signs of skin aging, it is also a good solution to reach for the anti-aging hand cream, which will additionally firm the skin

Prepare a home SPA

Not everyone has the time, money or inclination for beauty salon treatments. And many really good treatments you can do yourself. The basis is regular exfoliation of the skin. Peeling is also performed on hands. This treatment can be done with sugar and olive oil or with coffee grounds with the addition of body gel. This procedure causes the abrasion of dead skin, so that the skin on the hands becomes smoother and softer and, what is important – susceptible to absorb nutrients from cosmetics applied. After scrubbing, it is worth applying a thick layer of cream or a special mask. It is best to perform this procedure in the evening and put on special cotton gloves available in drugstores or pharmacies

The best way to get a beautiful manicure is to apply special cotton gloves, which are available in drugstores and pharmacies

Hands are not only skin, but also nails. It is crucial that they look perfect. Broken with chipped polish will not look spectacular. If we do not have time for frequent painting, it is worth choosing a hybrid, gel or titanium manicure, which lasts for several weeks. It is also an option to lengthen the plate, if it is very short. Such a manicure can be done at home, buying the right kit and a UV lamp, or in beauty salons (price about a few tens of gold).

Diet is also important!

Skincare alone using even the best beauty products may not be enough. The appearance of the skin – also on the hands – should be taken care of from the inside. Weight-loss diets or “starving” the body will certainly not help. Every day you should make sure that your diet contains plenty of fruit and vegetables. You can also think about appropriate supplementation, to provide the body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Drinking water is also key – at least 1.5-2 liters every day

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Main photo: Kristina Paukshtite/ pexels.com

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