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Everything you need to know about Gua Sha facial massage

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Everything you need to know about Gua Sha facial massage
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More and more women are looking for new natural ways to keep their complexion beautiful, youthful and radiant. One of them is Gua Sha massage. What is it?

Gua Sha facial massage has become increasingly popular in recent years with women who are looking for new ways to look beautiful and youthful without surgical intervention. It turns out that this new massage technique using a special stone has amazing effects. Undoubtedly, another advantage is the fact that this treatment can be performed not only in SPA and beauty salons, but also at home

Gua Sha – what is it?

Nowadays more and more people are willing to use stones for skin care. Some of them are attributed with incredible healing powers. Among them is the Gua Sha stone. It is a special plate made of quartz or jade. This mineral is used for facial massage. The name Gua Sha comes from ancient China. In Chinese medicine crystals were used for face and body massage already in XV century. The word Gua means “rubbing” and Sha means “red mark on the skin”

Gua Sha as a massage device does not resemble traditional rollers. In this case we do not “roll” our skin with the stone plate, but we rub and press the skin. Then we have more effective lymph drainage. Some experts even report that using Gua Sha improves microcirculation growth by as much as 400%, so even a one-minute massage during the day can bring spectacular results

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Benefits of Gua Sha

Using a Gua Sha massage device is trivially easy. It is small, so you can always have it with you. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it easily adapts to the curves of the face and neck. With regular use, the complexion becomes noticeably smoother, relaxed, signs of fatigue such as dark circles under the eyes or puffiness disappear

Massage not only stimulates circulation, but also relaxes tense muscles. So it is worth doing after a tiring and stressful day. Additionally, it brings relief, soothes pain. Used regularly, the skin looks younger, becomes more elastic and firm, and disappears small wrinkles. It is good to do the massage before applying masks, serums or creams because it improves the absorption of active ingredients from applied cosmetics.

Check the effects of using gua sha: https://horex.pl/blog/kamien-gua-sha-efekty-stosowania-masazu-w-8-krokach/.

The best stone for facial massage

Gua sha massage device is usually made of jade or pink quartz – less often aventurine or amethyst. Which raw material will be better? It depends on our needs. The first of them perfectly relieves pain, cleanses the skin, and also promotes its regeneration. On the other hand, quartz perfectly firms and allows to get rid of small wrinkles. Amethyst will be best for people who want to eliminate bruises and swelling and improve skin tone. And aventurine will be good for those who need to regenerate and improve blood supply to the skin.

How to do Gua Sha massage by yourself?

Gua Sha massage can be successfully done by yourself. However, one should remember that it is not recommended for people with vascular skin, extensive acne, burns, clotting disorders, skin irritations or open wounds. This treatment is best done daily or at least 3-4 times a week. Each movement should be up to 10 repetitions.

First, we thoroughly cleanse the skin with toner or gel. Then apply an oily cream, serum or oil to the face and neck so that the stone can glide over the skin. We place the stone at the collarbone and move it towards the jaw. While massaging, we make movements from the center outwards and gently upwards. Later, massage from the cheeks and zygomatic bones. Be very careful around the eye area, and use a little more force on the mouth. Massage the forehead and nose with upward and downward strokes. After such treatment, the skin may be slightly red for a few minutes

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Main photo: Pavel Danilyuk/ pexels.com

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