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Eyebrow lamination – can it be done outside the beauty salon?

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Eyebrow lamination – can it be done outside the beauty salon?
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With beauty salons now closed, some of the spring beauty treatments you have planned will probably take place at a later date. With some, you don’t have to wait because they can be done quite easily at home.

With lamination, the hair sticks to the skin more, looking a bit stuck to it. Laminating agents soften them, making them more manageable. This means that they will no longer become unruly. The hair is separated and should fall nicely in the direction you want. The procedure also makes the hairs shiny, and while doing the lamination we can also perform henna eyebrows or use dye, so that even the lightest eyebrows gained a new expression. Thus, eyebrows gain not only glossiness but also color. They take on a shape which is able to last for several weeks (then the hairs on the eyebrows ‘exchange’). After this time, the treatment can be repeated.

Eyebrow and eyelash laminating kits are available online. The same products are used for both. There is a separate bottle for each lamination step.

At first, the eyebrows should be cleaned. If you don’t want to use the product from the kit, you can use your own micellar liquid. Next, use the glue. Apply the glue at the same time combing your eyebrows upwards or slightly to the side with a brush or comb. The next step is to cover your eyebrows with a softening liquid, such as using a cotton bud.

Cover your brows prepared this way with cling film and wait 8 to 12 minutes. You can decide the length of this time yourself, depending on how thin your hairs are or how sensitive your facial skin is. When you remove the foil, wipe your eyebrows with a dry cotton pad and brush through them again. Now it’s time for the fixative. After applying the fixative, also place the foil on your eyebrows and wait 8-12 minutes. Wipe your eyebrows clean with a cleanser or micellar solution. Now you can apply the included conditioning oil on the hair.

The price of an eyelash lamination kit such as LASH LIFT ICONSIGN is around £45-50.

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