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These ways of taking care of beauty have been known for centuries. They were also used by Cleopatra


Cleopatra VII was the last queen of Egypt from the Ptolemaic dynasty. She is considered one of the most outstanding and beautiful women living in antiquity. Do you know what the secret of her beauty is?

The queen of Egypt did not have beauticians and hair stylists at her disposal. She owed her appearance solely to natural cosmetics. She chose the ingredients for her concoctions herself. Do you want to know more? Here they are


The main element of her creams was water with the addition of silver. She also added aloe vera and honey to these types of products.


She owed her beautiful hands to soaking them in a milk bath. In the legendary movie “Cleopatra” with Elizabeth Taylor we see the Egyptian queen bathing in milk. This is not a lie. The queen often used this treatment.


The ancient beauty used a scrub consisting of sea salt and cream.


Cleopatra often used egg yolks both as a conditioner and shampoo. Even today, many women use this method of hair care


Perfume was her trademark. A blend of rose, frankincense, cypress and myrrh was created especially for her.

Would you try any of her beauty treatments? Or have you already done so?

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