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Are you doing a closet cleanout? These things you really need to leave behind

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Are you doing a closet cleanout? These things you really need to leave behind

In everyone’s life, there comes a time to clean out your closet. At such a time it is worth thinking about what things you should leave behind, and which you can safely get rid of. In our article, we suggest which items are always worth having in your closet

1. Classic white shirt

A white shirt is a basic item of clothing, which can be found in the closets of most of us. It can be worn with a suit, a suit of clothes or an elegant ensemble. It will also look great with a casual outfit, for example, paired with jeans or a knitted skirt. If you do not have this versatile piece of clothing in your closet yet, decide to buy a loose-fitting shirt. It will be a model that you can easily style in many ways.

2. Jacket

This inconspicuous piece of clothing can help you save many a style. If you need to look elegant, just put on some pants or a skirt and a classic top, then throw on a blazer and you have an elegant style! A blazer can be styled in many ways and will look beautiful in many combinations.

3. High-waisted pants

High-waisted pants are an undeniable must-have for every woman! They emphasize feminine shapes, elongate legs and are incredibly comfortable. Depending on how you style them, you can wear them for different occasions

4. Workout

This is another timeless hit that you should have in your closet! The trench is a legendary type of coat that is always on trend. It can save almost any outfit and give it character. It will look great with both casual and sporty styles.

5. Midi skirt

A midi skirt is something worth having in your closet. It is a great base for creating beautiful styles in different styles. Skirts of this length will be good for summer, as well as autumn and winter. You can combine them with a shirt, a sweater, as well as with a top and a jacket.

6. Denim jacket

The denim jacket is a fashion hit that has been making waves for years. It’s no wonder that almost all of us own one. Even if for a moment you think you won’t wear your denim jacket anymore, don’t get rid of it! Chances are, in a few years’ time you will be wearing it again with a smile on your face. You can wear this type of garment with pants, skirts and dresses. Moreover, it will go with almost any type of footwear.

Main Photo: Huy Nguyen/unsplash.com

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