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Facial oiling – is it worth it?

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Facial oiling – is it worth it?
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Facial oiling is an extremely trendy skincare treatment that has as many supporters as opponents. What are the benefits of facial oiling and why should you do it? Let us check!

Facial oiling – when is it inadvisable?

At the outset, it is worth noting that despite its many undeniable advantages, facial oiling will not solve all skin problems. What’s more, in some cases it is even inadvisable! When should oiling not be used?

It is certainly not recommended for people with active forms of acne. It is also not recommended for women with oily skin – oils clog the sebaceous glands. Oils may also adversely affect delicate and sensitive skin (prone to allergies). How is it possible? Fragrances are added to some oils and are considered to be among the most allergenic cosmetic ingredients.

Facial oils and moisturizing

Oils strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier of the skin and protect it from dehydration (there is a reason why they are a component of many creams with moisturizing effect). However, it is a mistake to use only oils – these products leave a greasy occlusive layer on the skin, but they do not hydrate the skin on their own.

The moisturizing effect is demonstrated by the so-called humectants, i.e. substances that bind water in the skin. The most famous humectants include hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerin. Therefore, instead of using only oils, which can actually dry out the skin and lead to its deterioration, we should implement into our daily routine other cosmetics with humectants and occlusive substances in their composition

Recommended facial moisturizers

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors cream with a light oil-free formula is one of the most popular products at the moment. The effectiveness of this product is due to hyaluronic acid, urea, amino acids, fatty acids and triglycerides

Hyaluronic Moisturizing and Normalizing Cream from Norel Dr Wilsz also has a decent composition. In addition to the presence of valuable hyaluronic acid, the cosmetic contains urea, plant ceramides and sodium lactate with antibacterial properties. What is important, Norel cream can be used by owners of oily and acne-prone skin – there is no fear that the cosmetic will harm problematic and demanding skin.

What to remember about facial oils?

How to skillfully use facial oils not to harm the skin but, on the contrary, improve its appearance? It is worth using oils in low concentrations and always combine them with creams. In this way, we can improve the level of hydration of dry, mature and normal skin. A good habit is adding a few drops of oil to body lotion.

Owners of sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation or women with acne or rosacea should rather not use facial oils

Facial oil – the most common mistakes

Some women make the mistake of applying oil alone on dry skin – which makes them increase dryness instead of moisturizing. It is also a common skincare sin to use oils with a high comedogenic potential, i.e. those that clog the skin (e.g. coconut oil, olive oil) for makeup removal. A better option would be:

  • jojoba oil,
  • linseed oil,
  • black cumin oil,
  • argan oil,
  • raspberry seed oil,
  • borage oil

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