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Teeth whitening – find out if you know all about it

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Teeth whitening – find out if you know all about it
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A Hollywood smile adds beauty and makes us more willing to pose for photos. But what can we do if our teeth are yellow and we struggle with their discoloration? What teeth whitening methods are effective and safe at the same time?

What affects the color of our teeth? Causes of discoloration

The shade of our teeth depends on many factors. The color of enamel may change due to smoking – yellow, unsightly-looking teeth are a common problem for smokers (the so-called nicotine deposit). Discoloration on teeth also appears in people who drink coffee, strong tea, red wine. Food products such as berries, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce or cinnamon also often leave a mark on the enamel. Genetic predisposition is also important – if our parents have yellow teeth by nature, it is very likely that we also inherit such a color of the bone. You should also be aware that as we age the enamel naturally darkens. So how to have a snow-white smile in spite of all these adversities?

Teeth hygiene – basic cleaning

A good solution is to go for a hygienization treatment, which removes surface plaque and tartar and polishes the teeth to a smooth finish. This procedure is performed by a hygienist or a dentist. How long does an oral hygiene treatment last? Approximately 60 minutes.

Teeth whitening with a LED lamp

A common whitening method found in dental offices is a procedure using a LED lamp, which works well with light discoloration (it lightens teeth by 2-8 tones). The procedure is neither painful nor long-lasting – the standard procedure takes the specialist about 60-90 minutes.

Laser teeth whitening

In case of more advanced discolouration, the dentist may perform teeth whitening with the use of a modern laser, which is able to lighten teeth by even a dozen or so tones. What does this procedure consist in? The dentist covers the patient’s teeth with a preparation that reacts with the laser system’s rays, as a result of which the patient gets rid of stains without the risk of damaging the enamel. The laser whitening process takes about 60 minutes. What is important, the effects of this method may last even up to 3-4 years!

Onlay teeth whitening

Overlays with whitening gel, which are prepared by the dentist especially for a given patient and the patient has to wear them at home for a specified period of time (usually 2-4 weeks), have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. If you want to achieve the desired results, you need to be systematic and disciplined, i.e. wear the overlays every day. In this way we can brighten your teeth in safe conditions under the supervision of a specialist. What is important, during whitening by means of trays you must observe the so-called white diet, i.e. eliminate strongly colouring food products from your everyday menu

How much does professional teeth whitening at the dentist cost?

The cost of whitening at the dentist’s office depends on the whitening method chosen and the individual price list of the specialist. Averaging, if you want to get a Hollywood smile, you should expect the following expenses:

  • teeth hygienization – 200-300 PLN,
  • teeth whitening with the use of LED lamp – 200-500 zł,
  • laser teeth whitening – 500-800 zł,
  • overlay teeth whitening – 500-1000 zł.

Home methods for white teeth – is independent teeth whitening a good idea?

Many people whiten their teeth with table salt, baking soda, baking powder or whitening pastes. Be aware, however, that doing this on your own or overusing whitening toothpastes can damage the enamel and lead to tooth sensitivity. The more sensible choice will be to take the help of a professional, thanks to which we will avoid many unpleasant consequences

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