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Bad hair? In just a few minutes you can transform it into a simple yet stylish hairstyle


In the current pandemic circumstances, we spend most of our time inside the house. The lack of personal socializing and formal events for so many months has probably affected your hair washing routine.

This may turn out to be a change for the better, as hair experts have long said that washing your hair too often does more harm than good. However, longer intervals between shampoos often do make a difference in the appearance of your hair. Can such hair be styled? Yes, it is possible. If you have an impromptu online meeting or even if you just want to look good for yourself, you should quickly follow our styling tips. You find them below.

Styling fatty hair is a challenge. The hair may be greasy, stringy and dull. Using a dry shampoo spray and giving them a quick treatment with a blow dryer will refresh them instantly

The basic ways to tame bad hair is to tie it up in a tight ponytail or bun, with the hair smoothed just to the skin. Besides being easy to do, this style is very much in vogue. For extra special shine add a conditioning element and apply a hair mask. Complete the look with, for example, a decorative hairband or big, fancy earrings.

A more fancy idea is ponytails. Part your hair into equal parts, smooth it down and tie it high on both sides. You can use them to make little buns, like this Sarsa style.

Another hairstyle is braids. This style can give you the peace of mind of taking care of your hair for sure for a few days. You can also pin your braids into a high ponytail.

A hairpin is the perfect solution when your hair is frizzy and unruly. A hair clip can also be an elegant accessory. Pin your hair up just above the nape of your neck and loosen a few strands so that it adds volume and wraps nicely around your face.

In addition to buckles, remember the recently fashionable large, colorful clips and bobby pins. They will effectively distract from the state of your hair and keep it in one place throughout the entire meeting.

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