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Here are 5 facts you need to know about keratin hair straightening

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Here are 5 facts you need to know about keratin hair straightening

Many girls dream of not having to start their day by reaching for a straightener. Smooth, shiny, yet strong hair without using a straightener? It turns out that there is a treatment that effectively straightens and smooths our hair

We are talking about keratin straightening, which will allow us, at least for a while, resign from using a straightener. This treatment is not recommended for everyone. Some hair types may be adversely affected by the treatment, causing their condition to deteriorate. Before you decide to have keratin straightening treatment done on your hair, here are the most important facts about the treatment

Keratin straightening is a trendy treatment that is supposed to make hair straight and silky smooth. Opinions are divided as to whether it is a treatment that improves the condition of hair or vice versa. Some say that the entry of creatine into the strand structure is an action that leads to stronger hair. Others doubt whether the treatment, which involves subjecting the hair to very high temperatures (230 degrees) and for a long time does not affect their condition. Before the procedure, make sure that the hairdresser works with preparations that do not contain harmful substances for the hair. There are many myths and misinformation surrounding keratin straightening treatment. In this post, we will share with you the facts that have been confirmed by experts so that you can decide whether or not this treatment is right for you

5 facts, which will help you understand what keratin straightening treatment is all about

  1. Keratin straightening treatments can harm your hair

Keratin straightening treatments can be very restorative and nourishing as long as they are done with the right products. The treatment replenishes the hair’s structure by adding the missing creatine. The cosmetics needed for the treatment contain not only keratin itself but also a protein carrier. Some products contain formaldehyde, which is harmful for hair. Before going for a treatment it is worth asking what products the salon works with and checking whether they are toxic to hair

  1. The hair after keratin straightening treatment should be properly cared for

Keratin straightening treatments do not make you forget about daily hair care for a while. In fact, using the right conditioners and shampoos can make the treatment last longer. The result of keratin straightening treatment can be fully enjoyed for 2-3 months. For the time after the treatment you should avoid cosmetics containing salts, alcohol or strong detergents

  1. Keratin straightening treatment can be done at home

It is true, with the help of a keratin straightening kit and a flat iron with a heat output of up to 230 degrees, you can do this treatment at home. However, the procedure is not easy and you have to make sure that the creatine does not come in contact with your scalp. Although the procedure will cost a few hundred zlotys in a hair salon, you can be sure that it will be done properly and professionally

  1. Keratin straightening treatment can help frizzy hair

Do you have problems with frizzy hair, which is not easy to style? Keratin straightening treatments can be a good remedy for this problem. However, it is not recommended for people with bleached or damaged hair. People with curly hair should also avoid this treatment as it can cause unnecessary damage to the hair structure.

  1. Keratin straightening treatment is not suitable for everyone

As mentioned above, keratin straightening treatment is not the way to smooth hair for everyone. Hair stylists should not undertake this treatment on damaged or broken hair. Many experts also advise against using creatine on heavily bleached hair. This treatment is indicated for people with low porosity hair that tends to be frizzy but not curly

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