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DIY bridal hairstyles – here are 8 tutorials to help you cross a salon visit off your list

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DIY bridal hairstyles – here are 8 tutorials to help you cross a salon visit off your list

One of the most important elements on the wedding day is the hairstyle. The hair style should complement the outfit and match the beauty of the bride. You can create your own bridal hair style no matter how long your hair is. You may also like to accessorize your bridal hairdo. Here are 8 simple and effective bridal hairstyles.

Choosing and Creating Bridal Hairstyles

Not every bride wants to have a heavily styled hairstyle with lots of embellishments. More and more celebrations are organized in the spirit of zero waste. Brides are opting for dresses from lumpy shops and self-made hairstyles and make-up.

The hairstyle should be adapted to the party atmosphere, the shape of the face and the outfit. Above all, the hairstyle should be long-lasting and enhance the bride’s beauty.

It may seem impossible, but even spectacular bridal hairstyles can be done on your own. This season soft waves, low romantic updos, original ponytails, Slavic braids and artistic disorder reign supreme. It is best to get a good curling iron, hair pins and scrunchies in the same color as your hair and some fancy decorations. Of course, you also need styling agents.

1. The Classic Loose Chignon

After shampooing and blow-drying your hair thoroughly, put an elastic band around your head. Then move the elastic band upward (so that the hair appears lifted at the roots). Loose strands of hair are wrapped around the headband one by one. Leave out a few strands to cover the scrunchy. The strands closest to your face may be loosely allowed to fall out.

2. Romantic Open Waves and Weaves

First the freshly shampooed hair needs some extra volume. To do this, tease the underneath of your hair a little. Use hairspray to keep the teased hair in place.

Use a curling iron or thin straightening iron to gently wavy your hair. Separate several strands and make thin braids of various thicknesses. Finally, use your fingers to lightly comb your hair and attach a fresh flower to match the bouquet.

3. Princess-like Curls

Start by tying your hair up high on the head. Then separate your hair into two parts and roll each part over the curling iron. Finally, let your hair fall apart and run your fingers through your hair. Use hairspray or dry shampoo to keep the style in place.

4. Updos on Open Hair

Divide your straight hair into strands and wavy only some of them. Twist the strands behind your ear into little rolls. Then gather the closest strand of hair to your face and place it on either side in the back of your head. Secure these strands with hair slides the same color as your hair or with gold-colored bobby pins. A few individual strands of hair may be left close to your face for a more romantic look. Apply some hair spray to the entire hairdo

5. Loose Braid with Open Hair

Start by adding volume to your hair. Tease your hair with a fine tooth comb. Create a side parting. On one side, loosely create a side-parting ending at ear level. You may secure the braid with a scrunchy. Use a curling iron to curl the remaining hair. The twist should not be too tight. Apply hairspray to the entire hairdo.

6. A Different Ponytail

Use a curling iron to curl your hair. Gather all hair into a high ponytail. Remove about 2 cm strands from the ponytail and secure the ponytail with an elastic. Wrap a strand of the rubber band around the ponytail to hide it. Finally, secure the strand of hair with a bobby pin.

7. The Slavic Matching Braid

Use a flat iron or curling iron to roll up your hair. Then gently comb your hair with your fingers and apply hairspray. Now you are ready to start braiding the matching braid. At the bottom, the hair is secured with a transparent scrunchy. Slightly pull these strands apart to create more volume and lightness. Remove a few thin strands near your face for a boho look.

8. Controlled Disorder

Tease your hair slightly while twirling the rest of your hair slightly. Run your fingers through your hair and crunch it. Add a headband with pearls or small flowers. A live flower works just as well.

Be sure to practice your hair style at least once before the big day. This will help you avoid unnecessary stress. Bridesmaids often prove to be helpful as well

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