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How do I care for my curly hair?

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How do I care for my curly hair?
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According to studies, as many as 45 percent of Europeans have straight hair, 40 percent have wavy hair and only 15 percent can boast curly hair. What’s more, this percentage is even lower in Poland. So why do so many curly-haired people stubbornly fight this gift instead of showing it off? We tell you how to take care of this hair type.

Combing wet

First of all, stop dry brushing once and for all. A brush or comb does not run smoothly through curly hair. This tugs at your hair, damages the curl structure and quite often causes it to break. What’s more, it is simply painful. Start brushing your hair only when it is wet

The OMO Method

The best way to wash curly hair is the OMO Method. It stands for nothing more than “conditioner, shampoo, conditioner”. It involves applying a conditioner to the entire length of your hair before washing it. It will protect your hair from the detergents in the shampoo while moisturizing and conditioning it. Then apply the shampoo to the scalp, massage gently and rinse everything thoroughly. Finally, the conditioner is applied again.


You have washed your hair, now what? You need to style your hair. Help is at hand with the commercially available styling aids like hair gel. Apply gel to brushed, still wet hair. The amount depends on how thick your hair is, what kind of twist you want to achieve and what effect you want to have. You’ve applied the gel? Great, now you have to work it through your hair. Use your fingers to work the gel into all the nooks and crannies, then knead

Blow-drying your hair

I recommend leaving your hair to dry naturally or, if you’re short on time, using a hairdryer, but only with a diffuser! If you blow-dry your hair without using a diffuser, the curl will break, your hair will get frizzy and all your efforts will be wasted.

The Right Cosmetics

Choosing the right products for curly hair is no coincidence, either, but this topic is so vast that I could write about it for days and nights. However, I will share with you some basic tips on what to look out for.

1. Shampoo – this one should be gentle, which means it cannot contain strong detergents (e.g. SLS, SMS). It is also advisable that it does not have silicones, it is not completely necessary in the shampoo. In short – the shorter the composition, the better.

2. Conditioner – when choosing a conditioner for a particular wash, you should take into account that there should be a balance of proteins, emollients and humectants on the hair, in short, the PEH balance.

– Proteins – provide volume and fill in micro-damage. Examples: silk, milk proteins.

– Emollients – smoothen, soften and protect from external factors. Examples: oils, silicones, lanolin

– Humectants are what we call hair moisturisers. Examples: glycerine, aloe vera, urea.

3. Styling agents – the same rule applies here as when choosing a shampoo: the shorter the composition, the better. Among stylers, we distinguish gels, foams and creams. Which one to choose? This is a very individual question

And remember: Don’t touch your hair when you don’t have to, it doesn’t like it. If you tie your hair up in a ponytail or chignon, use an elastic band without metal parts and do not squeeze it too tightly.

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