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Polygel on nails: disadvantages, advantages, useful tips for at-home styling

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Polygel on nails: disadvantages, advantages, useful tips for at-home styling

Less and less often we decide on a simple nail polish. We are looking for solutions that will be impressive and durable. Many of us have at home a UV lamp, with the help of which we can do hybrids on our own nails. However, extending them with gel or acrylic is already a high school of driving, so we give it in the hands of experts. Polygel is a new, great and simple solution that comes to our aid. Learn all the secrets of this method.

What is polygel?

Polygel – is a gel in a tube that is very durable and easy to form. It has a hybrid formula that strengthens nails, which combines the advantages of liquid and powder acrylics and hard LED gels. At the same time, it is much lighter, odorless and does not create air dust during the application process. Just as importantly, polygel does not cause burning or pain when it cures with a natural plate. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can use it solo, but you can also apply any hybrid polish on the extended nude nail.

There are ready kits available on the market, in which you will find everything you need to make such an extension. There is a tube with polygel in the color of your choice, cleaner to rinse the nail, file, primer and the necessary form and brush to give the appropriate shape of the gel. Some even include an LED lamp.

Check out this simple instructional video – a homemade poly gel manicure:

Does polygel damage your nails?

As with any treatment, too much filing and buffing can cause irritation to the natural nail plate (which is understandable). However, polygel itself does not damage the nail when applied and removed properly. A polygel manicure is also more durable than one done with hard gels, so it will be much harder to break. Your nails will be strong, flexible, and light as a feather, making them resemble their natural form.

How long does a polygel manicure last?

This is a definite competitor to hybrid nail polishes. Polygel is so durable that your nails will look great even after three weeks

They are removed using the same principle – filing off the gel coating, making “papillons” on the nails with remover and removing the remaining gel with a spatula. To remove polygel nails, you need a set of appropriate tools and a little courage. If you don’t feel up to it, visit a nail salon.

A short instructional video how to remove polygel from nails:

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Main photo: Dan-Cristian Pădureț/ unsplash.com

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