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How to style a small baguette handbag?

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How to style a small baguette handbag?
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A baguette handbag is a great solution for any styling. It looks great with both sporty clothes and very elegant ones. Many women, especially those who know fashion, are even crazy about them! No wonder, after all, they are really graceful, roomy, and, on top of that, already iconic! How to combine them with different clothes?

Baguette handbag – the hit of the season

A baguette handbag is a great addition to many outfits. It looks great and perfectly emphasizes modern style. Every it girl has one in her closet, and now also most women hunt for unique products, often second-hand.

After all, it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time you can enjoy their beautiful appearance and practical interior. This model was fashionable many years ago, and now it’s coming back, and in a big way. Their elongated shape makes it very comfortable to carry, and you can fit a lot of necessary things into it. It’s quite a departure after micro handbags.

There is another characteristic element of this type of model. It is about a short strap, often made of braided material or chain. Remember how Julia Roberts wore it in “Notting Hill”? You can take an example from her or go in a completely different fashion direction. Here’s how to wear them!

Baguette bag in the starring role

Whether you choose a baguette bag in muted colors, a vintage version or in a modern and very colorful look, you can combine it with a variety of clothes. We are talking about those very elegant and sporty. So how to match them to form an attractive whole?

Modern and sporty

More and more people are opting for a return to the past. It’s all about wide bell-bottom pants, as well as short tops that expose the belly. Then it’s best to match white, classic sneakers and a baseball cap or sports hat. On top, you can throw on an oversized denim jacket, a large blazer or a thin oversized shirt. You can also maneuver around your hips and choose an interesting belt with a large buckle.

A baguette handbag will go wonderfully with such styling. In such an outfit you will look really stylish and comfortable. There will be a perfect balance between sporty comfort and elegant appearance. In this way you can go out both for a drink with your friends, and go to work or university.

Elegant and timeless

If you are in the mood for something more classic, i.e. clothes for a big outing or a date, go for elegance with a touch of craziness. Then a silk dress on thin straps with an open back will be perfect. Those with welts on the sides also look interesting. Impose on it an oversized, elegant, slightly longer jacket.

Of course, that’s not all. High boots on a thicker, decorative post with lacing up to the knee will be great. The culmination of such styling will be a decorative baguette bag. If the dress was kept in subdued colors, you can go wild with the color of the bag. Then strong colors, even neon ones, will look great. Also, don’t forget that it should have a decorative belt, preferably with a chain in the lead role.

main photo: unsplash.com/Marissa Grootes

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