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How to treat a sunburn quickly and effectively?

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How to treat a sunburn quickly and effectively?
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Who doesn’t love a long and carefree lie in the sun? Such a moment of relaxation can bring, besides relaxation and rest, also a beautiful tan. But what if you spend too long in the sun and your skin gets sunburned? Find out what to keep in mind!

How do I recognize a sunburn?

The easiest way to recognize a first degree sunburn is by the red, irritated and painful skin. In the case of second-degree sunburn, blisters filled with serous fluid appear in addition, and the symptoms persist for up to several weeks

How to prevent sunburn?

As is well known, prevention is better than cure. This principle also applies to sunburn. The absolute basis is the use of sunscreen with high UV protection. They can be purchased both in pharmacies and drugstores, and during the summer even at some beaches and swimming pools. The skin should be covered with sunscreen min. 30 minutes before sun exposure. It should be reapplied regularly during sunbathing so that it does not lose its properties.

Sunburn – the most important thing is to react fast

As soon as you notice the first signs of a sunburn, such as redness or burning, take shelter in a shady spot immediately. Try to cool the burned area. This way you will stop the process of tissue destruction.

It is best to take a cold shower, although a cold compress will work just as well. It is important not to let the burned skin come into contact with salt water (e.g. sea water), as this will only irritate the damaged area.

Apply ointment for burns

The next step, after cooling the burned skin, should be the application of an appropriate healing ointment. It should contain allantoin and D-panthenol in its composition. It should be applied regularly for several days and until the end of the treatment avoid exposing the burned areas to the sun. To heal the skin quickly, you should also avoid high temperatures, such as bathing in hot water.

Home remedies

The pain caused by sunburn can also be relieved by home remedies. Poultices made of cold yogurt, kefir, curd or buttermilk are ideal for this purpose. These products draw heat from the skin and restore its proper pH, in addition, they moisturize and create a coating on the body, which protects against the harmful effects of pathogenic microorganisms.

Poultices of fresh, cooled and sliced tomatoes or cucumbers show similar effects. Vegetables should be kept on the skin for 1 hour. Lycopene contained in them can effectively draw heat from the burned area. The pain will also be relieved by aloe vera – both juice squeezed from a fresh leaf and ready-made cream with this ingredient

You can also try a bath in apple cider vinegar, which will prevent the development of infection and relieve pain in the burned area. Add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a tub filled with lukewarm water. Such a bath should last about 15 minutes.

For sunburns also work well compresses of oatmeal, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, so effectively reduce swelling and relieve pain. Soaked pads apply directly to the skin burn

A gel squeezed from the leaves of aloe vera will also work perfectly. The extract of this plant soothes irritation and helps regenerate the skin

Treatment of second-degree burns

With second-degree sunburn, remember not to puncture the resulting blisters. The serous fluid they contain is the body’s natural defense against infection. This type of burn is worth consulting a doctor

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