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How do you get rid of redness on your face once and for all?

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How do you get rid of redness on your face once and for all?
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For some, flushed cheeks and cracked blood vessels are an everyday occurrence. The problem is especially troublesome in winter, when temperature differences are really high. However, you do not have to accept it.

You can deal with the problem of redness once and for all, sticking to a few simple rules

What are the characteristics of capillary skin?

Sensitive skin, shallowly vascularized skin and skin with a tendency to rosacea are most often characterized by a tendency to redness. Located under the skin capillaries are visibly dilated and burst. The effect disappears quickly, but there are cases where skin redness leads to permanent erythema.

External factors, such as temperature changes, are behind the tendency to dilate blood vessels. They can also be genetic, passed down from generation to generation. This type of skin requires appropriate treatment. The aim of skin care is to strengthen and seal the blood vessels

Red skin on the face – the causes

To deal with reddened skin, it is necessary to implement appropriate treatment. It is recommended to know the causes of this beforehand, because many factors are responsible for dilated capillaries. Before implementing care, it is recommended to discuss it with a specialist. Below are the reasons by which red skin on the face is most common.

  1. External Factors

Reddened skin occurs not only by sudden changes in temperature. Dilated capillaries are affected by stress, strong emotions, cold air or very high temperatures. Coffee, hot spices, and alcohol also do not have a good effect on this type of skin. Redness is connected with sudden acceleration of microcirculation

  1. Hormonal fluctuations

Hormones have a great influence on the appearance of the skin. Redness most often appears during pregnancy, menopause, and puberty. During this time, the elasticity of blood vessels is weakened

  1. Genetic background

Genes are often responsible for the condition of our complexion. For some, blood vessels are simply shallow, making them very visible. All external factors that cause facial redness should be avoided

  1. Dry skin

Inadequate skin care and dry facial skin leads to redness and the formation of numerous irritations

Redness on the skin – effective ways

  1. Throw away the soap!

Do not use ordinary soaps to wash your face. They contain many synthetic fragrance ingredients, SLS, PG and parabens. It is best to use natural cosmetics with a delicate action on the skin with capillaries. If you want to use soaps – choose those created on the basis of oils

  1. Avoid bathing in hot water

Capillary skin is prone to redness when exposed to high temperatures. Long, hot baths or showers have a negative effect on it, so we advise you to give them up. In addition, the temperature in the bathroom during bathing is higher than in the rest of the house, which can have a very negative effect on blood vessels

  1. Avoid products that raise body temperature

Products that raise body temperature include caffeine, alcohol, spices and artificial sweeteners. Their excessive consumption can cause permanent skin erythema

  1. Use the right cosmetics

In case of vascular skin you should use cosmetics, which rebuild the protective barrier of the skin. The products used must be strongly moisturizing and lubricating. It is recommended that the creams even out the skin tone and protect it from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

The best way to treat couperose skin is to use natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics. They should be free of parabens and artificial fragrances.

Before buying a cosmetic it is worth analyzing its composition – it should have as many organic ingredients as possible. We are talking about hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes very well, or extracts from aloe or pomegranate. Against irritation it is recommended to use preparations enriched with vitamins A, E or C. The selected cosmetics must be recommended for sensitive or vascular skin

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