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Plus-Size Chemise: The Sexy Sleepwear Trend You Need To Try

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Plus-Size Chemise: The Sexy Sleepwear Trend You Need To Try
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The lace chemise, or baby doll dress, has become one of the most popular new styles in plus-size lingerie in recent years, with good reason too. Not only does it look great on any body type, but it’s also incredibly comfortable to wear and can make you feel sexy and confident. So, let’s have a look at some of the best pieces for women to feel sexy and confident. 

3 Chemises For Women Who Want To Flaunt Their Curves

Every woman deserves a garment that accentuates her curves while giving her enough coverage to sleep or lounge in. With luxurious fabrics and low-cut backs, these beauties are the sexiest part of your night. Here are a few options which can serve as a great option for women to flaunt their curves:

  1. Silk Chemise Plus-Size 

When people think of a chemise, they envision delicate silk with lace detail. This more minimal style fits in line with traditional wear as well as is perfect for body confidence because it shows off sensual skin. Not only is this chemise flattering but it also feels like heaven to touch against bare skin.

  1. Black Chemise Plus-Size

Though black is a staple in many closets, sometimes an all-black look isn’t necessary. Adding texture to your undergarments is a great way to draw attention to your curves without being overtly sexy. 

  1. Lace Chemise Plus-Size

Lace, for some reason, is one of those materials that screams luxury. Made from lightweight material yet detailed heavily with intricate design and embellishments, these robes not only look good but feel good too. The light-as-air fabric clings to every curve so there’s no need to worry about your breasts or thighs falling out when you walk around the house after lounging in bed all day!

Reasons to Own Them

Though the standard-sized is a sexy and feminine garment, there’s no reason why plus-size women can’t wear them too. Here are three reasons why every woman should have one in their wardrobe! These are:

  1. Silk chemises and babydolls are luxurious garments. Silk, especially silk from Thailand or China, is known for its softness and durability. It doesn’t shrink or lose its shape over time as other fabrics do. Plus-size silk chemises are often more affordable than smaller sizes because they require less fabric to create. So these silk garments won’t cost you as much as you might think! 
  2. They’re comfortable to sleep in all night long. Many chemises provide ample coverage while still being short enough to show off your legs when wearing skirts or dresses during the day; they also look great with jeans at night on the town with friends after work! 
  3. Women of all shapes and sizes deserve luxury lingerie that makes them feel fabulous – not ashamed – so it’s important to find something that fits your size comfortably. 

In conclusion, the sheer and feminine sensuality of the chemise plus-size feels modern and not outdated. Silk charmeuse is perfect for anyone who wants to feel fashionable while also preserving their own modesty. Plus size chemises are an excellent fashion statement and a luxurious option for brides looking for something under their wedding dress or something special to wear as lingerie. So, if you want to look sexy yet feel comfortable at the same time, it’s time to add one of these to your wardrobe. 

Main photo: JJ Jordan/unsplash.com

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