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Skin care before 30 – what to use?

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Skin care before 30 – what to use?

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Before the age of 30 the skin is still smooth and firm. After a sleepless night or a tiring day, it can regenerate quickly. However, we must remember that after 25 years of age, the skin begins to age physiologically. What cosmetics should be used to take care of the skin and slow down the appearance of the first wrinkles? Find out what skin care should be based on before the age of 30.

Cosmetics for face cleansing

During the day, the skin accumulates impurities, toxins and excess sebum. All these factors, if not removed, can damage the skin’s natural protective layer and accelerate aging. For this reason, cleansing is a very important step in caring for the skin before the age of 30. Impurities should be removed from the skin in the morning and in the evening. Gentle foams, gels and lotions are suitable for morning facial cleansing. The evening make-up should be removed with the use of micellar fluid, milk or oil. Makeup should be removed carefully, to a clean pad. Afterwards, it is advisable to wash the remains of make-up remover from the face. After each wash the skin needs to restore its proper pH. This can be done by applying tonic to the skin.

1-2 times a week it is worth to perform peeling to remove keratinized epidermis and deeply rooted impurities. The type of cosmetic should be adjusted to your skin type. Vascular, dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin tolerates well enzymatic peelings. Fine-grained scrubs are suitable for oily and combination skin.

Moisturizing creams

Young skin does not yet require intensive anti-wrinkle care. In her case, the key treatment to preserve the smoothness and firmness of the skin for longer will be regular moisturizing. Properly hydrated skin is more resistant to external factors and slower appearance of wrinkles. An extremely important element of a cosmetic indispensable before 30 turn out to be moisturizing creams. Preparations can retain moisture in the skin or strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis. Often in moisturizing creams use both of these mechanisms to work even more effectively.

It is worth remembering that all skin types need moisturizing, even oily skin. Your cosmetics bag should also not lack a good eye cream. The delicate skin in this area requires particularly gentle treatment, so additional cosmetics are needed for its care.

Cosmetics with antioxidants

Free radicals damage the DNA structure of skin cells, the natural protective barrier of the epidermis and collagen fibers. As a result, the skin ages faster. Stress, improper diet, pollution, smog and UV radiation are responsible for the increased activity of free radicals. It is worth trying to eliminate these factors or try to protect against their effects. In addition, it is good to provide the skin with antioxidants neutralizing free radicals. This can be done along with a diet and by using appropriate skin care products. In the composition of cosmetics such as cream, masks or face face serums it is worth looking for vitamin C, E or sea algae in the composition of cosmetics. Products with antioxidants can be used in the morning and evening to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin and neutralize the impact of factors acting on the skin during the day.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is also important in skin care before 30. Sunscreen should be used not only on the beach, but also every day, especially in summer. This will protect the skin against dryness, rapid aging and unsightly discoloration. Preparations intended for application on the face should have a light consistency and not leave a greasy, white layer. It is recommended that their formulas are enriched with moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants.

Proper skin care before the age of 30 will result in a beautiful, young appearance in later years. Your makeup bag should not lack cleansers and makeup removers, moisturizers and preparations with antioxidants and sunscreens. Using the mentioned cosmetics, you can slow down the aging process of the skin and keep a smooth complexion for a longer time.

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