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How do I choose a foundation for my face?

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How do I choose a foundation for my face?

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A well-chosen face primer is the basis of every make-up lover’s make-up bag, which is able to hide minor skin imperfections and at the same time emphasize its natural glow. There are different types of primers available in drugstores – you can opt for a mattifying primer, a moisturizing primer with more shine, or an opaque primer that provides strong coverage, perfect for the so-called special occasions. If you are looking for a lightweight foundation, mineral foundations with a good, natural composition and a very natural coverage are a great solution. How do I choose the right foundation?

The ideal foundation for sensitive skin, the best for oily skin… how to select the right foundation for your skin type

When selecting a foundation, the most important thing is to know your own skin type. The best solution is to ask your beautician for advice, but if you do not have such an opportunity, it is a good idea to find out about individual skin types and foundations via the internet. What is definitely a bad option? A mattifying foundation combined with dry skin with visible pores and cuticles – but similarly, oily skin should not be combined with a highly illuminating foundation. The key to success is to choose a foundation that is not only visually appealing and that the manufacturer even extols about its many benefits – it should first and foremost be perfectly matched to your skin. Thanks to such compatibility your face will look natural, beautiful, radiant and fresh. The effect of an artificial mask is definitely not the desired one.

A primer for everyday use or one for special occasions?

If you already know your skin type and skin tone (which is very important, because it determines whether you should choose warm or cold colors), it is time to ask another important question: what do you expect from a foundation? If you are looking for a foundation that is matt finish, long-wearing and has medium coverage then you have all the information you need to go to the drugstore. However, if you do not have such precise expectations and you only know that you need a foundation for everyday use, wait with your final choice. Read reviews online, look through the rankings of the most recommended foundations. You will find hundreds of foundations on the store shelf – so to simplify your choice, allow yourself to do a thorough and calm research beforehand. You can also visit recommended online drugstores – for example, Wizage Shop – where you can find prices of foundations (often better than in stationary drugstores), reviews and manufacturer’s promises.

Face primers and their shades

Now that you have a few types of products that are just begging to be added to your cart and tried, it’s time to get familiar with the shades available. A good foundation should come in at least a few shades – from lighter to darker shades – and contain appropriate skin undertones. The most common are yellow, neutral, pink and olive. If you don’t quite know what color type you are, ordering some swatches is a good option. Put on, say, three foundations in three shades of your choice and see which one best suits your face and, importantly, your neck. It is best to test the foundation in daylight not only on your face but also on your neck. A mask effect on the face, which is completely out of color from the neck? Well, it definitely does not look good. When choosing a foundation, it is best to wear it for a few hours and look at your face in different lighting. These tests will also show you whether the foundation is highlighting dry skin, open pores or other imperfections. If, on the other hand, you have found the perfect product but it does not come in the right shade – too light or too dark – read about so-called foundation mixers, which are light or dark pigments that allow you to adjust the color of the foundation to your liking.

Packaging is also important

Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a foundation by its… bottle, it is definitely true that even a great performing product in an uncomfortable container is not the best choice, especially if you intend to use it every day. The most common choices are pump and squeeze foundations, but there are also cream foundations that can be applied with a brush or mineral foundations that you can apply all over your face. There are many possibilities but the most important thing is to match the product fully to your personal preferences. Primer is a cosmetic, which one pack usually lasts for a few months, so it is worth to approach the choice with proper caution and preparation. Is the best foundation in liquid form or maybe in loose form? The most important thing is that you are fully satisfied with it.

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