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5 tricks of the people who always smell good

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5 tricks of the people who always smell good

You probably know people who always smell good and it is not due to any particular perfume. How do they do it? We’ll tell you what tricks they use!

Scent is a lure and a powerful pheromone that makes some people seem more attractive than others. But it’s not always the scent of a particular perfume that makes a man smell so electrifying

People can resort to various tricks to constantly smell good. Whether they have just stepped out of the shower or are after hours of grueling travel, their scent never changes and continues to attract others. The basic question is: how do they do it?

A body that smells constantly. If not perfume, then what?

We should consider perfumes, waters or fragrance mists as an added value to our fragrance. Of course, we certainly have our favorite scent closed in a glass flacon, which we reach for as often as possible. However, there are situations in which we sweat excessively and we do not have perfume with us. Besides, using it on sweaty clothes or body is not necessarily a good idea. However, you can smell nice every day without using perfume, just take care of your lifestyle.

A few tricks of the people who always smell nice. What should I do?

First, take care of a healthy and balanced diet. “You are what you eat” – who of us does not know this saying? And it is not an empty platitude. Our diet is a reflection of our physical and mental condition. Diet also affects the condition of our skin. Any skin imperfections or allergies are mainly the result of eating unhealthy, excessively fatty or sugary foods, as well as highly processed ones.

If you want to always smell good, avoid eating foods that can give off an unpleasant scent, such as onions, garlic or alcohol, because their aroma can accompany you for a long time and even a strong mint will not reduce it.

Secondly, especially if you travel a lot, always have the necessary cosmetics in your makeup bag. These include: antiperspirant, dry shampoo and moisturizing tissues. Very often the unpleasant odor starts with the head. Especially in summer, your hair may become greasy more quickly. In an emergency, dry shampoo helps.

Third, a proven trick for a nice fragrance is the use of fragrance oils or body lotions after every bath. Note, it is important to apply them before using perfume, because then a nice and subtle fragrance will stay with us the longest.

Fourth, it is good to add scented capsules to washing. Not only will our clothes be clean, but they will also smell nice and lasting for a long time. The smell on clothes can last for several days.

Fifthly, and most importantly, in order to smell nice, we keep our body properly hydrated. Two liters of water is the minimum we should consume daily. Of course, during hot weather or increased physical activity it is recommended to drink even more water. Good hydration has a positive effect on our body odor.

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