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3 manicure suggestions for summer

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3 manicure suggestions for summer

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Vacations are for experimenting not only with fashion, but also with manicure. Opt for something new and impress everyone with your nails. Check out our summer manicure suggestions!

Whether you prefer traditional nail polish, hybrids, or artificial nails, summer is a good time to step away from your everyday routine and try something new.

Pastels are always in fashion

Soft, pastel colors have been in fashion for several seasons. This year is no different. You can find them in most outfits and accessories. So it could not miss them also on the nails. Pastel manicure is one of the most minimalistic proposals for summer nails, at the same time easy and fast to implement.

Must have of this season is blue color. It’s a great base for decorations, for example geometric patterns or glittering pollen. You can also opt for powder pink, green or canary yellow. Alternatively, you can mix colors – for example, paint three nails with one color and the rest with another.

White, nude, and beige shades work well for any occasion, also with gold accents. Pastel manicure goes well with every element of summer closet, both with floral, airy dresses, and more expressive tops.

Flowers not only on clothes

Patterned tops, dresses and shoes are leading the popularity when it comes to summer patterns. The same goes for this manicure trend as well. Flowers are a very positive and girly theme, also in nail design. A floral manicure will look good with delicate dresses or maxi dresses. If you are a fan of classics, you can opt for a more minimalistic design. Flowers look great on colored nails as well as on those in nude shades. Small floral ornaments in the shape of daisies are undoubtedly one of the most charming, uplifting motifs. Leaf patterns are also not out of fashion.

If you are wondering whether floral nail art is right for you – definitely yes! It is a trend that suits all of us. No matter how old you are or where you work, this type of nail art is perfect for any style – sporty, casual or elegant.

If you do not know how to draw flowers yourself or do not want to use the services of a beautician, you can buy stickers, which will also look great on your nails.

Colorful French Nail

To classic, white french on nails we still often come back, but colorful, asymmetrical french is more and more fashionable. It is chosen by celebrities around the world, because it is a combination of classic with modernity and elegance. It is a great choice for both supporters of softer colors, as well as for those of us who prefer a more daring manicure.

Such nails fit most occasions, both everyday, as well as in more formal situations, such as work or wedding. French manicure is not difficult to do, and what color you decide on depends only on your preferences. If you don’t like too expressive colors, choose pink or nude polish for the base. You can cover the tips with any color you like. Multicolor manicure is also very fashionable. Then it is worth to choose shades of pink, blue or green. If you want to go for bolder colors, cover the base coat with bright yellow or orange, and the upper part of the nail with intense pink or blue for example. Neon contrasts will liven up any holiday styling.

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