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Lipstick shades that are great for spring! See what to invest in

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Lipstick shades that are great for spring! See what to invest in

We associate each season with different colors. When we think of spring and summer, we usually think of intense, varied colors. The color of lipstick you want to incorporate into your spring makeup should also be different than in winter. Read this article to find out what shades of lipstick are worth buying in spring.

What lipstick colors did we opt for in winter?

Winter is the time when make-up becomes heavier for most women. We choose heavier foundations, more matte powders and dark, setting lipsticks. This is also the time when we more often decide on full, strong eye makeup and thick, black eyeliner. And what about in the spring?

Changes in everyday makeup

As the temperatures outside get warmer, it’s time for makeup changes. Heavy and matte foundations become uncomfortable to wear, so we replace them with lighter, often illuminating ones. We put on a little less powder, sometimes we give it up completely, the same goes for eye makeup, which becomes more natural. And what shade of lipstick to use?

Timeless nude is perfect!

Lipstick in the shade nude is a must have in every makeup bag. It goes well with almost any makeup look, from subtle to evening makeup. Going slightly beyond the contours of your lips when applying this shade of lipstick will make them look bigger. A neutral and beautiful nude color will be brilliant for spring!

Why not try fuchsia or purple?

Fuchsia and purple are the colors of spring and summer flowers. How about this shade on your lips? It will be a hit in spring. Lipsticks in these colors can be the main part of your makeup to make it stand out. Just as well, they can be an accessory for an even stronger effect. What’s more, it’s the perfect option to complement a black or white outfit. This way, you add a splash of color to your look!

Red is always good

Whether for winter, summer or spring, red lipstick is a must-have in your make-up bag. It is a must-have item, thanks to which you can liven up many make-up looks. In spring, it can have an additional task, namely adding even more energy to your appearance. Imagine how beautiful it will look if you wear a bright red lipstick with a colorful floral dress. It will bring a smile to your face. It’s a good thing, too: Red lipstick visibly whitens your teeth, so you can smile all you want!

Clear Lip Glosses

Nothing gives a beautiful, natural effect to your lips like a clear gloss. This one shines beautifully and sparkles in the sun so you can’t take your eyes off your lips. Moreover, there are lip glosses available on the market that magnify your lips, for example those with chilli pepper extract or bee venom. This is an added bonus that may make you reach for this type of cosmetic!

main photo: unsplash.com/Evangeline Sarney

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