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4 make-up resolutions for the New Year

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4 make-up resolutions for the New Year

New Year, means new makeup trends. Strong lips, crazy eye shadow colors, and the over-the-top lip effect are just some of them. Check out what else the New Year has in store for us!

Cosmetic trends for autumn-winter 2020/21

If you’re a fan of minimalistic make-up, you’ll love this trend because we’re going for one strong element, the lips. Fiery reds, burgundy and plum purples are perfect for this trend. In the coming season eyeliner and highlighter are definitely worth a look. We also have an interesting proposition for fans of crazy make-up. You may spice up your make-up with crystals stuck on the skin or coloured eye shadows. With this hairstyle, you are sure to enter the New Year.

The Most Important Trends to Focus On

There are several trends that are worth knowing. In the coming year you should pay attention to

  • Bitten lips – so called overbitten lips is an effect that looks very natural. How do you achieve it? Make sure the edges of your lips are visibly lighter than the center
  • Eyeliner and colored shadows – the latest makeup trends call for intense, bold colors. Instead of shades of grey, it is worth going for slightly crazier colors
  • Bright eyebrows – in the coming year you should have light, delicately emphasized eyebrows, preferably with a colourless gel
  • Cut crease – clearly marking the crease of the upper eyelid optically enlarges our eyes. Although it’s not easy to create a cut crease, it’s definitely worth making a New Year’s resolution to try it out

Dolphin skin

One of the more interesting New Year’s makeup resolutions is the so-called dolphin skin. Instead of mattifying powder, which was so often used until recently, it is essential to reach for solutions that result in shiny, healthy skin. Dolphin skin requires that we use a good highlighter. How to get such an effect? First of all, before performing it, we need to perform several care steps. among others

1. Exfoliating the epidermis

2. Applying an intensive moisturizing mask.

3. Applying an illuminating foundation

4. Applying highlighter in areas that naturally reflect light – the best choice for this is the back of the nose and the tops of the cheekbones, for example.

The vamp woman

For women who want to achieve a dark, mysterious image, a good option would be to use a lipstick in deep purple. Such makeup refers to the gothic atmosphere. What distinguishes a vamp woman is a smooth, pale, matte complexion and dark lips

Cat eye

The cat eye hasn’t gone out of style for several seasons now. By emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes we get the famous cat eyes. We may opt for a stronger, thick line or a delicate, thin one, which will give us charm and open our eyes. The effect will be optically slimmer and more drawn face

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