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How to reduce the nose without using a scalpel?

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How to reduce the nose without using a scalpel?

The nose is a part of the body that often causes complexes and worries. For this reason, many women are thinking about changing its shape. Usually the problem is its size. 

If the nose is too big, it disturbs the proportions of the face. The first thought is usually surgery, which will help change the shape of the nose, but there are other ways to do it. You will learn about them by reading this article. 

The art of makeup 

The easiest and fastest way to reduce the size of the nose is makeup. We do it almost every day to cover imperfections and enhance beauty. With makeup we can also optically enlarge the eyes, lips, but also reduce the nose. Professionally, such a trick is called nose contouring and is very simple to do. 

We need a bronzer and a small, puffy brush. Apply a small amount of product to the brush and then shake it off, getting rid of excess cosmetic. Now you should apply the product on the lobes of your nose and on the tip of your nose. Be careful, however, that the whole thing looks natural. This way you will make your nose look smaller and narrower. 

You can enhance the effect with a highlighter. With a small brush, use it to draw a line running across the very top of your nose. The light will reflect off this area and enhance the result.

The right hairstyle

If you choose your hairstyle well, there is a good chance that you will hide the imperfections of your nose in this way. Do away with hairstyles that are pulled back and those that have a center parting. This way you will emphasize your nose. When doing updos, leave a few strands loose at the sides. They slenderize the face and soften facial features. 

A disproportionately large nose attracts more attention with short hairstyles and dark hair. So if you want to hide this imperfection – grow your hair and change its color to a lighter one. The fringe is also not without significance. The best choice will be the one slightly shaded and cast to the side. It will also be a good idea to shade the entire length of your hair. It’s best to ask your hairdresser for advice – he will certainly know what kind of cut you should choose. 

Hyaluronic acid can help 

A less invasive method than nose surgery is correcting it with hyaluronic acid. This procedure is gaining popularity. In addition, it is definitely cheaper than the one using a scalpel. The duration of nose correction with hyaluronic acid is about 30 minutes. Reconvalescence is also less strenuous – you will reach full normality after just a few days. Hyaluronic acid treatment also wins in terms of financial and preparation issues. So before you decide to have the surgery, ask the clinic about the acid. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Brooke Cagle

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