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Everything you should know about face contouring

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Everything you should know about face contouring

Contouring is slowly becoming the basis of both everyday makeup, as well as those done for special occasions. Using the right technique you can easily slim your face, emphasize your cheekbones and give your make-up a three-dimensional effect. How to master the technique of face contouring and dazzle with your make-up?

For contouring you need the right bronzer, concealer and highlighter. The rule of thumb is to apply light, illuminating products to the areas you want to highlight and cover the areas you want to slim with dark cosmetics. The trick is also to properly blend the cosmetics so that you do not have any color spots on your face

Face Contouring for Beginners

What are the best cosmetics for face contouring?

The art of face contouring is simple as long as you learn a few rules. The first step to start applying this type of makeup is to acquire the right cosmetics. Initially, it is easier to start by using powder products, which are much easier to spread on the face. A practical way to quickly complete a face contouring kit is to buy a ready-made palette, which often includes instructions on how to apply it to the face. There are also liquid or stick contouring products available on the market. Using them is a bit more difficult as you have to make sure that everything is carefully blended and distributed

An important aspect is choosing the right products for your skin tone. In drugstores you can find versions for people with light and dark complexion. Bronzers used for contouring should not differ significantly from your natural skin tone. It is best to choose products that are one or two shades darker so that your makeup looks natural and light

What accessories can I use?

To apply highlighter and bronzer in liquid form, beauty blenders and various make-up sponges are the best choice. Special face contouring brushes are the perfect tools for applying cream and bronzer. They are easily recognizable by their angled and wavy bristles. The best brushes are those whose bristles are made of natural fibers

Face contouring makeup tips

When learning how to contour your face it’s good to start by taking a close look at your face. It is worth to analyze what elements are worth emphasizing and what can be delicately covered up. Every face is different and unique, so makeup is an individual matter. However, at the beginning of learning contouring it is worth to follow the rules. The first step in any type of makeup application is to properly cleanse your face and then moisturize it. Before contouring it is worth to even out the skin tone and use a concealer to hide any imperfections. When you start contouring, it is a good idea to plan which parts of your face you will apply the product to

How to use highlighter and bronzer?

Make-up artists use a highlighter, usually applied on the cheekbones. In a more elaborate version, highlighter is applied on the ridge of the nose, on the eyebrow arches, in the inner corners of the eyes and often on Cupid’s bow, the hollow above the mouth. After applying the product to the chosen areas, it should be properly blended so that there is no visible difference between the highlighter and the skin covered with foundation. Next, you will need a cosmetic with a visibly darker shade, this can be a bronzer or a foundation that is too dark, which turned out to be a wrong purchase. It is the use of a darker shade that will create a three-dimensional makeup effect

Which parts of your face you apply bronzer to depends a lot on the shape of your face. As a rule of thumb, apply a darker color on the area below the cheekbones, the sides of the nose and the jaw line. The most important point of the makeup is to blend the two products properly and to make smooth transitions of colors on the face. Some people use bronzer and highlighter also on the neckline to optically enlarge the breasts. To fix the effect of contouring, it is worth protecting the whole thing with loose powder

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